Tips for Buying the Best Chicken Coop


To have chicken in healthy and in a safe condition you must enjoy their living style, and for that you must provide them better shelter. One of the best options for shelters that you must provide is the chicken coop. But purchasing a new chicken coop is quite devastating process as they have so many styles and designs to select from. You just need to provide your hens with a gorgeous house so that they can adjust to you as quickly as possible. Numerous sizes, shapes, colors, and materials will be available in market of chicken coop which makes it quite difficult to select a new coop.

What Makes The Best Chicken Coop?

When it comes to the size of chicken coops, not all chicken fits one size, various things matter like space, size and personal choice which plays a vital role in your decision.

The following are the six essentials of any chicken coop. Neglecting any of the below-mentioned points for chicken coop will either be absolutely ineffective or gives you undoubtedly lower quality of life for your chickens.

  • Security -: Once you lock  chickens in chickens coops, you must be 100% assured that chicken coop is protected against any attacks from other animals. Make sure that your chicken coop must be rat-proof as they spread diseases and steal eggs.
  • Perches -: Make sure that chickens coops perches are made in round shape and must be 2 inches in diameter. As chicken loves to stay on high ground and therefore you must install roosting perches in the chicken coop. Moreover, for roosting perches best material which can be used is wood or plastic.
  • Nesting -:It’s quite common that chicken lay their eggs at the time of nesting, so it’s quite important that chicken coops must be nesting area so that all chicken can lie down in.
  • Insulation -:Chicken coops must be very well insulated so that they can stay warm during the winters.
  • Ventilation -: You must be sure that well-ventilated chicken coops have enough fresh air inside the coop and ensure that chicken coops do not get too hot in summer.
  • Weather Protection -:This is the basic but most important factor to be in consideration by making sure that chicken coop is weatherproof so that chickens can remain warm and dry during rainy season.
  • Cleaning -: This is another important factor for good chicken as the best chicken coops are constructed to be cleaning out a doddle. The factors which make cleaning quite simple are pulling out dropping trays as they must be simple to disassemble and have the option for proper washing.
  • Durable -: We have talked enough about the properties and structure of the chicken coop, but make sure that these are built up with quality material so that your structure will be long-lasting.


This is all that you need to know about the chicken coops, as these are the essential points that need to be kept in mind while selecting best chicken coop or building a new.

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