Tips for Choosing comfortable women’s slippers


Many women have to spend many hours standing and walking and their comfort depends to a large extent on the slippers these women are wearing. While there are a large number of women’s slippers available for sale, some women may not find the slippers comfortable for a number of reasons. In some cases, the slipper is not made from high quality material causing discomfort. In other cases, it is not fitting the woman’s feet properly, it is too large or too small. In a few cases, the woman may have some foot problem like foot injuries due to which most slippers are not comfortable.

One of most important criteria for choosing comfortable women’s slippers is the material used for the slipper. The slippers are carrying the entire weight of the body when the woman is walking or running. The woman will also walk over rough and uneven surfaces. Hence the slipper should have enough cushioning to protect the feet from these surfaces, so that the feet do not bend. Usually a rubber sole is preferred since it provides proper cushioning. The foot bed is also made from materials which will protect the feet. Multiple layers of foam make the slippers even more comfortable.

The weight of the slippers is another consideration since most people prefer to wear light slippers. Another feature of the slipper which should be considered are the straps which are used. The straps are in contact with the skin of the foot, and they should be made from soft material so that they do not chafe the skin due to friction. If the woman is walking long distances the straps will rub against the skin, and it is important to ensure that the material used is non- chafing. The straps may become wet because of sweat, so it is better if the strap material will dry quickly.

The slippers are worn outdoors in different places while on the beach, in water, during rainfall so the material used in the slippers should not get damaged when immersed in water. Ideally the slippers should also dry quickly if they become wet. Wearing wet slippers can cause fever, cold, fungal infection and other health problems. The slippers should have good traction, on all kinds of surfaces, especially slippery surfaces which are covered with water, oil or other fluids.

Tips for Choosing comfortable women's slippers 2

It should be easy to clean the slippers to remove all the dirt, with machine washable slippers preferred.

Slipper buyers should be aware that even if they purchase the most expensive and high quality slippers, they will not be comfortable if the right size is not chosen. While purchasing the slippers offline, it is possible to wear the slippers to check if the slippers are fitting properly. However, while purchasing online, it is more difficult to find out if the slippers are a perfect fit. The online seller will usually provide a size guide, which specifies the dimensions of their different sizes. So the slipper buyer should measure her own feet and then compare with the slipper sizes available online, to choose the size which will fit best.


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