Tips for Choosing the Best Tile Floors

Choosing the right tile floors can be daunting at first. This is partly attributed to the fact that there are so many options out there. But why should it be difficult picking the right tiles? It should only be a matter of which pattern matches with your furniture, and what colors will make your small rooms appear more prominent.

Instead of only focusing on such underlying concerns, you will be faced with a handful of other questions which can only leave an average customer even more confused. Should you get porcelain or non-porcelain tile floors? What is a PEI rating? Does grout come in different styles? The list could go on forever.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Tiles

1. The location

To help in narrowing down the options further, the location where you plan on installing the tiles matters a lot. In essence, the bathroom and kitchen tiles ought to be made using waterproof materials such as glass and ceramic for the walls. Certain stone tiles can be accommodated in such high moisture areas.

Floors, on the other hand, will have to withstand constant pressure from people and other objects hence will have to be sturdy. They will have to be high-quality tiles made from durable materials such as porcelain or ceramic.

2. Tile Color

What general feel do you wish to achieve in the rooms which you will be tiling? Do you want a serene or moody place? Tiles are not usually the primary focus in a room, but they can surely complement the other available features such as furniture. If you are stuck for which colors to choose, you might have to consider these factors;

  • Vibrant and playful colors make the room warmer
  • Neutral colors are the easiest to blend with any décor
  • Dark hues add depth but end up making the room appear smaller
  • With little natural light, light shades will brighten up your rooms, making them look bigger than they actually are.

3. Tile size

The size of the tiles is another critical factor to look at. Tile models come in a variety of sizes, and one has to conduct their research before settling on one particular size. Ensure that you have correctly measured the room, having its proportions in mind while picking the right tile sizes.

With fewer grout lines to break the pattern, large tiles make the rooms appear larger. Smaller tiles create a crowded look, which works best in rooms with minimalistic decorations.

4. Grout

Although it is one of the most overlooked features when choosing a tile, it has a significant impact on what types of tiles you will select. Do not forget the importance of picking the right grout color as well. Contrasting grout colors will put more emphasis on the design, while complementary colors will have a more subtle effect.

5.  Texture and pattern

The texture and patterns of the tiles you pick is an entirely personal choice. Glazed tiles are easy to clean, unlike terracotta tiles which might need seals to stop stains.


Ensure that whatever you choose in one room will easily flow with what is in the other rooms. Moreover, you should understand that selecting tiles solely by virtue of their appearance can have devastating impacts in the long run. Only go for high-quality tiles based on the factors provided in our post.