Tips for Creating Your Small Business Website


Whether you have a small store, work as a freelancer, or operate another kind of small business, having a robust website is critical to your company image. If you want to create one for your startup or ensure an existing site is useful, there are a few ways you can confirm it works well.

Make It Easy to Find

It’s great to have a working site, but it also needs to be easy to find. One way of doing that is through search engine optimization (SEO). It involves using several techniques so you can show up on search engines. Once they crawl your site, it can show up on the results pages, and the better the content and design, the higher up it will show. If you want to multiply your revenue, it’s essential to look into intent SEO. The technique allows you to outrank the competition and grow your traffic – and income. If you don’t know how it’s done, you can review a guide on how to win at Magento SEO for the top strategies and standard errors. A few things you’ll want to consider include:

  • Having a fast site
  • Doing your research on keywords and using them
  • Using the best code
  • Having security technology and installing an SSL certificate
  • Ensuring things work well on mobile devices
  • Getting backlinks from other places
  • Using internal linking throughout so your visitors will want to keep clicking through

SEO is critical because it means the difference between ending up on the last page of results and not driving traffic or being on the first page and getting much traffic. It’s an ongoing process that requires time and effort. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t show up on search engine results pages right away.

Tell People Who You Are

You’ll want to ensure visitors know who you are immediately, so they are not confused when coming to the website. You can create a hero image or homepage banner that shows your company name and logo. Ensure the other banners also represent your organization well. You might place an intro blurb above your pages to let people know what you do. You can also ensure that you have an about page to give detailed information about your company.

Ensure Everything is Easy to Navigate

Your company can leave a better impression by ensuring the website is easy to navigate. Consider using readable fonts and great graphics to look more professional. Ensure they load quickly, however. Many search engines will penalize sites that don’t load fast enough. Create a system that is easy to navigate so users can view your pages rapidly and find the things they need. Your contact information should be easy to find, and you should include call-to-action buttons.

Do your research on the competition to determine the way they optimized and created their sites. Look for things that work and implement these things as well. You’ll also want to do some research on the target audience to learn what they’re looking for so they can accomplish their goals. No matter your design, ensure it consistently conveys your brand image.

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