Tips for Customizing Your White Label Client Portal


A clients’ portal has proven to be beneficial especially when sharing information. It is like a meeting point where a company can share data that everyone gets on time. Now, having a well-designed white label portal that shows your business’s activities and promotes trust and familiarity with your clients is a very important factor in businesses today. With that in mind, here are tips for customizing your white label client portal.

Complement Your Brand’s Visual Style

You can create a name for your company by branding your white label portal to fit your business’s requirements. You can use your color scheme, icon, logos, and so on. This, in return, will build your brand name, hence guiding more clients to your business or organization.

When doing this, you should mainly focus on the design of your business’s website, which should lay out the basic visual style that you will use for the white label portal. If you are still finding it challenging, you should check your social media platforms and advertisements to create a consistent marketing presence on your white label portal. Follow these steps, and you are good to go.

Make Use of a Custom Domain for Your White Label Portal

Trust is an important factor when maintaining a good relationship between a client and the business. A custom domain ensures that trust is built and maintained within a white label portal and that data is smoothly sent from the main website to the portal. It also serves as a safeguard for your clients by ensuring they are not sharing personal information with an unknown source. Furthermore, keep in mind that your custom domain should be easily identifiable; it should be closely related to the business’s name to reduce confusion and fraud.

Create a Welcome Message for Your White Label Portal

As you log in to a portal for the first time, there is always a positive feeling when the first thing that pops up is a welcome message. This shows that you are in the right place and that you do not have to worry, and it may even answer some questions and concerns.

When setting up a white label portal, this should be one of the considerations you make. Fortunately, modern client portal software and apps have these options, so it is easy to customize it and make your clients feel welcome. If you are not sure, just ask for help from the company’s customer service.

Personalize the Login Screen

The login screen is where the majority of clients will first click. As a result, you want to make it as adaptable as possible. You can accomplish this by using the same branding design as on the other pages to provide the client with a sense of continuity.

To avoid challenges and frustrations, make sure the client can easily navigate by using clear themes. Even with branding from your company, the login section should be clear and, preferably, at the center of the screen.

Email Notifications Should Be Personalized

Try to communicate with clients more personally by sending them emails directly, mentioning their names, addressing most complaints and issues before they arise, and, finally, using polite language. By doing this, you will always make your clients feel important and appreciated.

Again, the white label portal option makes it possible to personalize emails and even other messages. So, check thoroughly and be sure that you have this capability utilized to make the most from your current client portal.

Always Communicate with Your Clients

It is important to confirm that your clients can easily navigate and use the white label portal. Follow up by asking them if they have any unanswered questions and try as much as possible to find a solution. At the end of the day, the purpose of the clients’ portal is to ensure that a client and business or organization can communicate easily.

If possible, delegate client services to the team through the task management option so that follow-ups are easy. However, you may also have your customer care department take care of all follow-ups and ensure clear communication with clients.


A white label portal is a good way to promote a company’s brand and reputation. It helps you communicate and interact with clients easily and builds trust generally. If interested in creating your portal, you should take a look at the above portal for the best tips.


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