Tips For Getting Big On Apple Music As An Upcoming Artist

You don’t even have to be involved in the industry to know the importance of being big on Apple Music. With more than 72 million subscribers worldwide as of June 2020 Apple Music remains the second largest music platform. The number of users keeps growing rapidly and the media itself is constantly worked on in order to become more flexible in the ways music lovers and content creators can utilize it.

One huge advantage Apple Music has compared to similar platforms on the internet is the unique access it gives you to the relevant data you need as an artist. The information allows you to analyze what are the current trends the listeners are into, what are the things your listeners want and most importantly, it can assist you in your creative journey. You will agree that there is no point in spending the resources creating something that won’t be beneficial to you when you are an up and coming artist in an extremely competitive industry.

Consider the following..

When you are just starting out it is extremely important to not waste your time, money and energy on something that won’t give you immediate and guaranteed benefits. You need a proper foundation so you can flourish creatively later on in your career, explore and experiment. You need to create a fanbase of people who are willing to have your back and listen to every new release you put out. You need to work a little extra hard in the beginning in order to gain complete creative freedom later on in your career. This process could be done fast.

Establishing yourself as a big artist includes things like charting on relevant music charts in a number of countries, especially those you are targeting as your main platform. Reading trusted references like the music of the Defranco family will also be a big help in your music career. Another thing is to gain recognition in the industry and this could be achieved through awards, endorsements and collaborations. Streaming is the key here. Luckily, Apple Music streams count towards Billboard charts which in turn are relevant in deciding the winners of the major music awards. Getting Billboards, MTV or Grammys is the dream of every artist, even the already established ones. It has become the breakthrough point for the uprising starts like SZA and H.E.R whose careers only grew bigger after getting the recognition from music academics and charts.

How you do it

So how do you get the streams? First thing you need to know is that each play of your song counts as a stream. In order to get the plays you need exposure, obviously. This works in a tricky way. If you take the lead and invest you don’t lose anything. Try to buy Apple Music plays and see for yourself. The thing is, Apple Music is a paid music platform that has a three month free trial after which you need to pay a sum to get the access to your playlists and songs. This is why Apple Music is able to pay the artists per stream if they choose the platform for showcasing their work. You get money every time someone plays your song.

You see, it’s a win-win situation except you are the only winner. By investing a very little amount of money into Apple Music plays you get even more in return. On top of that it helps you boost the number of followers you get. All things considered together results in building a loyal fanbase. Becoming big on Apple Music will most certainly help you become big elsewhere be it other music platforms or social media, another key point in the successful musical career.