Tips for Hiring the Best Architects in Central London


Do you want to build a residential house or renovate or upgrade your current home? Then, you need to consider hiring a skilled residential architect. However, no matter the size of your project, starting to work on your home without expert help and then getting the results you want is not easy. Worse still, realizing you are lost halfway through is not the best situation to be in. You could end up wasting so many materials and other resources, adding unnecessary costs to your home project. Therefore, it would be best for your project in London and Essex to hire the best architects in Central London to ensure the desired and economical outcomes.

Benefits of hiring architects in Central London

You could enjoy the following benefits when you hire an architect for your residential building work:

  • Saving costs by minimizing errors, material wastage, and wrong decisions.
  • Excellent work quality which means higher resale value for your home if you ever decide to sell it.
  • Creating a house plan design that is tailored for you and your lifestyle
  • Offering expert guidance and expediting approval process, thus avoiding delays
  • Advising on contracts with contractors and recommending the best companies to hire
  • Providing oversight and supervisory roles during the construction

Tips when hiring architects in Central London

When selecting the best architects in Central London, some of the things you should have in mind include the following:

Seek referrals for great architects

Given that a building or even renovating a residential house will take a relatively long time, it would be best to work closely with the architect or the architectural firm. As such, you need to feel comfortable working with them and have confidence that your needs are well cared for. This is only possible if you trust them, so it would help to ask for referrals or recommendations before signing a contract. You need to see photos of their completed projects. When you know how they have successfully worked for others in the past, it can help you have realistic expectations of the work and the relationship.

Be open-minded to take suggestions

As you look for and work with the best architects in Central London, you need to appreciate that you have hired them because of their professional skills and experience. You need to have an open mind and listen to and accommodate their professional suggestions, even if you have ideas about how you want your completed project to look. At times, you need to be flexible to allow the project to get work and appreciate that you are hiring their knowledge and experience when you seek architect’s services, and you should be willing to utilize it.

Consider hiring a team

An architect may need to hire a team to work on a more elaborate project to get the work done. As such, you should not be surprised if your architect brings a crew on board, and you have to pay for more hands or an entire architectural firm. That is why hiring an architectural company such as Humphreysandsons, the leading architecture firm for residential projects in London and Essex, would be a great idea. As long as you hire a reliable architect who you trust, you should be confident that their wish to bring other professionals to your project is for your benefit. But you need to find more about each person in the project and be sure you would like to work with them.

Ask about their experience

It would be best to ask the architect you intend to hire about their experience working in your area. This is because every local authority has its own guidelines for zoning and design. Also, the planning process and the duration it takes for it to be granted varies depending on the area. Getting an architect who knows the ins and outs of the locality you’re working in can be an added advantage but should not be a deal-breaker. So, hiring architects from Central London for projects in those areas would be the best decision.

Consider the timeline

As homeowners hire architects in central London, it would be best to know that the professionals won’t be able to start work on their homes immediately but have to put various pieces in place. As the architects start developing time frames, you may realize they may not be in line with what you hoped for; but the more patient and accommodating you are, the better. As such, you need to consider the timeline before commencing work, and should you have a deadline in mind, ensure you hire an architect and allow them enough time to make it.


In addition to the above tips, you need to find how the architects calculate their fees and know what is included and not included in their cost. However, do not focus so much on getting the cheapest professional since the quality of service and other crucial things count much. All in all, hiring the best architects in Central London is one of the most critical decisions you can make for your home project.


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