Tips For Hitting It Big On Spotify As A Newbie Artist

Music industry is as fiercely competitive as it is, it may be hard for artists to establish themselves when they are just starting out. Talent is important but so is a good marketing strategy that can help you package your product in a way that attracts the target audience. Traditionally, marketing strategy is created by a team of professional marketologs and advertisers but not everybody has a budget for that kind of luxury. Alternatively, you as an artist can do some things to help boost your career without spending a fortune. Here are simple tips you can consider when you work on building your brand:

1. Identify your platform

You need to know where you want to sow the seeds. Do you want to be globally known or you prefer to stay local? Is yourplan starting out as a local artist and slowly becoming worldwide popular? Who is your prime target group of listeres? Take into consideration everything demographics and think about marking your territory to make things simpler.

The next step is choosing the platform. Here you need to make your choice among the biggest internet music platforms such as Spotify and others. Doesn’t matter whether you are a signed musician or not you can’t reach the audience without your presence on an internet music media in the modern world.

2. Customize your platform

Once you have made your choice and signed up on the platform with a particular audience in mind you need to make yourself presentable. Things as simple as an interesting and attractive layout for your personal page will help you attract listeners. Keep up with the aesthetics when you decide on them. If you feel like you are in need of a change renew them. One advantage of internet music platforms is complete freedom when it comes to visual rebranding. Create a playlist that covers people with similar music preferences. For example, if your playlist is focused on Lord of the Rings, try attract people who like Rings of Power series, the Lotr film trilogy, Tolkien fans or general fans of fantasy music from the Middle-Earth.

3. Numbers are important

Nobody can deny the truth. Numbers is how the modern music market sees and estimates the support and recognition someone gets as an artist. Numbers are everywhere: on charts, in streams, followers and likes you get. Don’t stress yourself unnecessarily by worrying about not getting enough at first. It’s normal when you are just starting. When you playlist your work make sure to buy Spotify playlist plays so it can get the attention of others. People want to find out what’s special about something new with big numbers.

4. Stay active

Rihanna can handle years of hiatus but you as a newbie absolutely can’t. Doesn’t mean you have to work on new music constantly and put it out there. Just stay active on social media and promote your already released work. Share, ask for collaborations, remixes are another good way to remind the listener of your work. Put in the work in staying as present as possible.

5. Stay creative

Be creative about your content. Needless to say musical pieces itself are original and will be received by the relevant audience and beyond with the help of correct marketing techniques. What you need to be creative about are exactly the things you do to advertise yourself as an artist. Unique social media presence for instance is a good example. To be more specific this can include things like interesting Instagram feed, fun choice of Tik-Tok challenges, unique vibe to your Spotify playlists and such. Give everything a twist that will make your work stand out.

Everything taken into consideration and followed up with action will definitely help you in establishing your brand that will be a guarantee of your future success.