Tips For Managing First Trimester Discomfort


Pregnancy is an exciting time because you are preparing a new life for coming into the world and into your family. However, it does come with a lot of discomfort and nuances. You have nausea, fatigue, soreness, breast tenderness, extra urination, emotions that are all over the place to name a few. That is a lot to deal with and it is no wonder that pregnancy as miraculous and exciting as it is, and you can go and shop for cool new things for the baby such as that cute trendy baby clothes, it comes with dreadful aspects as well which was just mentioned. 

Fortunately, there are ways to manage a lot of the discomfort that comes with the first trimester in pregnancy. This means you can be more comfortable and find a way to handle it more so you can become more functional and feel more or less like yourself (somewhat anyway). Let’s go over which symptoms that are associated with the first trimester of pregnancy and how it can be managed:

1. Fatigue

You just want to stay on the sofa and not get up at all. Not because you are ‘feeling lazy’, but you just are unable to because you are winded out even though you have not done much activity. It is no surprise that you would be exhausted regardless of that. You are doing a lot by creating a new human which takes a lot of energy. Remember that and the hormones will also make you feel quite tired. 

The good news is that you will be able to manage pregnancy-related fatigue easily. And that means you need to take a nap if you can or go to bed early if you are working. You will want to slow down as you don’t have the energy to do much and you need to conserve it. Delegate tasks if you can such as by ordering groceries online and having it delivered. Yes, you will pay more but it is worth it. Conserve your energy and you will not feel as fatigued. 

2. Nausea

This is a common unpleasant part of the first trimester as the hormones can cause digestive upsets, slows down stomach motility, and can cause a drop in blood sugar. This is why nausea happens to most women which may or may not involve vomiting. It is really one of the most unpleasant parts of being pregnant. However, there are ways to help remedy pregnancy-related nausea. 

One of the tips is to take in ginger and much on crackers. This will help soothe your stomach. Stay hydrated as well. This will help minimize the sickness as dehydration makes it worse, Eat small portions and eat blandly throughout the day which can consist of 6 small meals which include snacks to keep your blood sugar up to par. However, if nothing is helping nausea and you are not holding anything down then you may need drugs to help reduce nausea or at the worst, hospital stays. 

3. Sore Breasts

Oh yes, breast pain is very common in early pregnancy. That is a result of the hormones as well are making things erratic. In fact, the breast pain in early pregnancy is even more noticeable than breast pain during PMS because the sensitivity is increased. By the time the second trimester rolls around it will be more manageable to handle. 

And the best tip to utilize when it comes to managing breast pain is to use bras that are made with fabric that is soft as well as stretchy so your breasts are not constricted. You will also want to get padded straps so your comfort is increased. 

4. Extra Urination

You are affected by the hormones which means you will be doing #1 a lot more in addition to things expanding in your pelvic area, even as soon as the first trimester. It is not because of the baby being large but your body is making room for the baby to grow. This means everything else needs to be stretched. 

Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do to minimize having to go to the bathroom all of the time. You need to drink plenty of water as hydration is important and it helps with making nausea more manageable as well. What you can do is cut down on the water you drink at night. This way you will be going to the bathroom less in the night. And if you can get as much sleep as you can, then you will have an easier time managing the fatigue as well. 

5. Constipation

Oh yes, not being able to go to the bathroom is far from fun, doing #2 that is while you are doing too much #1. But the hormones are also to blame for constipation. It is a very common issue that happens to pretty much every mom in early pregnancy. And it can cause a lot of discomfort such as build up of gas and that can increase the belly pain. 

Fortunately, if you increase your intake of fiber and water, that can help get things moving which can rectify the issue with constipation. If you need to take fiber supplements as long as you can tolerate them, you should. 

The staff at Lavendersun wants you to have a healthy and happy pregnancy even with the nuances. The worst of all of it should be ending in the first part of the second trimester where your hormones are more leveled, and your body is now used to the pregnancy. 

However, if you have the sickness that does not ease up, or if you have extreme cramping accompanied with or without bleeding, or if the constipation is so severe that you have not been able to go for a week- then you need medical attention. Any extreme symptom is never to be ignored where it gets to the point it is causing pain and agony which goes beyond any type of normal pregnancy nuance.

The main thing would be to stay relaxed and happy, whether its purchasing adorable unicorn baby clothes or hanging out with your other mommy friends, the best advice to relax and have fun.

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