Tips For Men On Enhancing Their Facial Features


Have you ever wondered how some men just seem so well put together? They probably know something you don’t. Playing around with facial features can completely recast your look, and a number of those tricks are so simple, you won’t believe you never knew. You can always flatter your face by highlighting your strong points while downplaying the areas you’re less enthusiastic about. Below are various tips men could use in enhancing their facial features.

1. Wearing the right sunglasses

The right eyewear can complement your face. Men with round faces, for example, should avoid round sunglasses as they are likely to accentuate the shape of the face. Instead, eyewear with a bold brow bar can be used to create the impression of a square jaw. You can order aviator sunglasses for men from Humps Optics, an online sunnies store which also offers other styles and always at a reasonable price.

2. Growing a beard to make up for a small chin

This tip is for men who want their small chins to look more masculine. Having a moderate amount of facial hair is likely to provide volume in your chin area, giving your entire face a masculine vibe.

3. Minimizing large ears with a hairstyle that covers them

Avoid hairstyles that cause your ears stick out. Always consider haircuts that leave the top of your ears covered. That way, large ears will be hardly noticeable. If your hair is very short, grow it out for some time and then ask your barber to leave some hair around your head.

4. Intensifying cardio workouts

Cardiovascular workouts prevent fat from covering your muscles and extra weight that could show on your face. Cardio will not only guarantee you a tight, toned body, but also cause your jawline and cheekbones to stand out- a combination that most women find irresistible.

5. Classic sideburns

Men look their best with sideburns, no longer than the middle point of their ears. Should you wish to make your face appear narrower, you could opt for a touch longer. For men who want to add some spice into an otherwise dull and boring routine, then wet shaving and cartridge razor shaving are options that can help facilitate such an experience. Gnarly sideburns should be reserved for Halloween or other costume worthy occasions.

6. Wearing colours that complement your eyes

Eye contact is very important. If you want to do wonders for your face, always select your clothing on the basis of your eye colour. Men with blue eyes should opt for blue shirts to make their eyes pop. Likewise, men with brown eyes look great in camel or navy blue.

7. Use of facial hair to define a round face

You can get creative with your facial hair if you want to make a round face appear more angular. A circle beard will help you achieve this look. Avoid a bushy beard as it could overwhelm your features. Investing in a high-quality razor will also help you keep your facial hair lines, neat and create the illusion of an angular jaw.

Regardless of the shape of your face, there is always something that can be done to make your appearance more appealing. Besides the above-mentioned points, men should also remember to invest in their faces by using hydrating moisturizers as well as sunscreens to protect their skin from the damaging effects of UV rays.

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