Tips for Ordering Flowers Online

When you order flowers online, you might expect it’ll be as simple as typing a Google search and going with the first company you run across that has decent prices. But there’s a lot more to think about when you purchase flowers over the Internet.

Prepare ahead to be an informed customer!

Try These Six Online Flower Tips

Ordering flowers is confusing enough for the person who walks into a store a few times a year and looks for an arrangement for a partner, friend, or loved one. But ordering flowers online?

If you don’t know what you’re doing, this can prove to be even more challenging. Here are six essential tips:

1. Order From a Local Florist

Did you know that most of the online flower shops are little more than processing hubs? Specifically, you place an order with them, and they turn around and forward that order to a local flower shop to fill and deliver the order.

These online shops typically tack on an extra $15 or $20 just for the effort of attracting and processing your order. Here’s the worst part: You have no control over which actual florist puts together your arrangement.

The best advice is to stay away from a locationless marketing company that’s disguised as a flower shop and work with a truly local florist directly. This empowers you to pick your specific arrangement and enjoy same-day flower delivery at a lower price.

2. Read Online Reviews

When you’re ready to select a local florist, be sure to do the appropriate research. Any florist can create a simple website on which to toot their horn.

But what have actual customers had to say about them? That’s what counts.

Online reviews, whether through Google, Facebook, or other third-party sites, can give you an honest and transparent look into the company and its performance. Pay particular attention to both the five-star and one-star reviews.

Those will give you a feel for the range of experiences people their past customers have had.

3. Ask for Recommendations

If this is your first time ordering flowers online, ask around and get recommendations from friends and co-workers. It’s reassuring to know someone else has had a positive experience before you spend your own money.

As with any other source of input, though, take individual experiences with a grain of salt. That’s why we recommended reading multiple reviews. The truth is typically going to lie somewhere within the range.

4. Ask What’s Fresh in the Cooler

Don’t commit the potential error of asking the florist to copy a particular arrangement you’ve seen online. They might be perfectly capable of doing it, but it’s not the best way to guarantee a high-quality arrangement at a decent price.

What you should do is ask, “What’s fresh in the cooler?”

A florist’s inventory changes constantly, and getting the freshest flowers into your order could be the best option. Give the professionals the freedom to let their creativity shine.

The result might not look precisely like anything you’ve seen online, but maybe that’s a good thing! If you haven’t seen it, chances are the person(s) you’re going to give it to won’t have, either.

A unique arrangement that’s unlike anything else online is bound to make an impression.

5. Order Well in Advance

Same-day flower delivery is possible, but you shouldn’t count on it. If you know you’re going to need an arrangement on a specific day, order as far in advance as you can.

This is especially important if you desire to include a specific flower (which may require the florist to place a special order through one of their suppliers.) As with all plans, you should also have a contingency in place.

Flower substitutions are one of the biggest frustrations that customers report having experienced when they order flowers. Any time you place an order in advance, you’d be wise to discuss potential substitutions.

Ask “if this flower isn’t available, what would you substitute for it?” This will give you a feel for the possible combinations for your order.

6. Decide on a Delivery Method

Though most customers order direct delivery to the intended recipient, think about whether you might rather have the arrangement sent to your mailing address first, so you can hand it to your partner or loved one in person. This option is completely up to you.

Adding it All Up

Don’t overcomplicate the matter. Remember, all you’re doing is buying flowers for someone you care about.

The fact that you’ve been thinking about them says plenty. And though you probably want to get the highest quality of flowers at the best possible price, don’t let yourself get bogged down in the little details.