Tips For Planning Small Or Micro Weddings


So many people are realizing that the old tradition of spending thousands on a wedding in order to invite people they have seen in years just isn’t worth the time or expense.

In fact, planning a small or micro wedding can make the entire experience more enjoyable and ensure that those that you truly cherish can really bond through the experience. There is no set way in which you have to approach this goal, but here you will find some tips to help you to keep your planning on track and have the wedding of your dreams.

One of the best parts of using this approach is that it is non-traditional. This means that anything goes. There is no need to stick with a white wedding dress or for the groom to wear a tux. Everyone can wear something that represents themselves in every way. The point is that it is your day to dress absolutely how you see fit. Commonly people choose their outfits based on a mix of comfort, yet unique to their personality. This could include accessories that make a statement or share personal passions. Let your imagination run free so that you can look back on this day and remember who you were in that time and what brought you and your future spouse together.

Another aspect is that you will have to think carefully about your guest list. It can be difficult to decide who you wish to share this special moment in your life with. Some may feel guilt when deciding not to invite their great aunt or other relative that may believe that they deserve to be there. However, it isn’t about anyone other than you and your partner. Consider the people that have made it a point to be in your life. If you haven’t even received a phone call or message in years, chances are there is no need to invite them. Also consider who will enhance your experience. Those you feel most comfortable around are those that will ensure that your day is all that you have been hoping for.

Finally, select a location and type of service that will keep things simple, yet memorable. Natural settings are extremely popular for this type of wedding, but there are countless options. It could be someone’s backyard, a small reception hall or anything else that you can imagine. The key is to choose something that will create an intimate setting for you, your partner and the guests. Most people choose to have the ceremony and reception in one location, but of course that it not a requirement. Again, the best part of taking this route is that there really are no rules.

Planning a small or micro wedding can greatly reduce the expense and stress that can be involved in wedding planning. It also can truly enhance the entire experience for you and your close friends and family. Just think about the things that truly matter to you during your planning process and you are sure to have a beautiful day to celebrate your love with your partner.

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