Tips For The Perfect Wedding Venue


So, you have decided it’s time to get married and start a family. Well, on your big day, you’ll want everything to be perfect, including the venue. There’s a lot to consider in making a wedding venue look attractive and personalized and so, Supernova wedding florist, Glasgow have decided to give a few tips for that.

That being said, here are a few tips for decorating your wedding venue:


At the venue’s entrance, you’ll want to have a sign letting people know where to go. It can include information about the day, table seating plans, a signature booklet where they can write messages or regarding photos. Having such a sign on the wedding reception entrance will make the guests feel welcomed and it’s also an excellent way to start the second part of the wedding. You can also personalize the sign to add a personal touch and match your wedding’s theme.

Photo Backdrops

You can also have a location in the reception where guests can gather to take wedding photos. There’s a wide array of  backdrop styles you can pick from, all of which you can be creative about. Most individuals opt for balloon backdrops, flower wall or one created by the groom and bride. Consider thinking out of the box when it comes to the backdrop, making it unique and eye-catching. Most of your guests will take advantage of the backdrop and have photos taken there. Add props for the guests in order to make the activity more enjoyable.

Matching Centerpieces

Your guests will be sitting for hours and the theme will tell everything about your tastes and preferences. People often add flowers to tables, all with a similar layout. In order to make them eye-catching, consider matching the color of the flowers with some decorations or cutlery on the table. For instance, you can go for pink flowers with pink serviettes or glasses. Make sure the wedding theme remains the same throughout the day and stick to no more than three colors to avoid overwhelming the guests. Even though multiple colors can lend a nice effect, it all comes down to you and your partner’s preference.

Name Tags

These tend to be essential when it comes to the seating plan. That’s because the conventional wedding usually hosts 25 to 200 guests, who all need to seat. If you are into a modern approach, have simple name tags put on the table in a sans-serif or cursive font. also, you can go for an old fashioned approach and personalize them. However, ensure you are creative and unique. You do not have to stick to a name on a small piece of paper. It is your big day and so, you can make whatever you want.

Re-Using Products

Re-using products and utilizing them as a base/pot adds an appealing sentimental feel to your wedding venue. Simplicity is important when it comes to such events and the last thing you want is too many decorations. Smaller and simple decorations tend to be the most visually appealing. For instance, you can use old, rustic tins as tiny flower pots and put them on tables around the wedding venue. You can also go for mason jars as candle bases put them around the venue in addition to small flowers on either side of the jar. Do not overthink the venue’s design and use what you already have to make it more inviting and appealing.

Mood Lights

Mood lights can have a substantial change on the entire atmosphere of your wedding venue. Once you find an ideal wedding location, it can be hard to picture what it will look like during the big day as many small features can bring together a venue, changing its appearance entirely. You can get mood lights for a reasonable price at online stores like eBay and Amazon, or even entertainment stores.

Twinkly Fairly Lights

You may already have this accessory in your venue. If not, you can buy simple fairy lights and position them across the walls in order to give the venue a magical feel and atmosphere. When the evening part of your day kicks off, they will an extremely different impact on the venue by providing the best lighting conditions for dancing the night away.

With these tips, you should have the best venue for your big day.

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