Tips for Wearing a Chastity Cage Comfortably


Wearing a chastity cage is becoming more prevalent among men who partake in kinky sex and BDSM, and those who want to experiment new things. Also known as cock cage, a chastity cage is a device that covers the penis and keeps the wearer from getting sexually excited or having sex.

While most men wear a chastity cage comfortably, others might feel hurt or discomfort if it is not placed or fitted correctly on the penis.

This article will explain the tips for wearing a chastity cage comfortably.

Let’s get started!

Choose the appropriate size and material

Get a chastity cage that fits well if you want to buy one for yourself. Wearing the right size of chastity cage made with good material will help you have the device on your penis comfortably and for a long time.

Although a big chastity cage will not provide the right level of restriction, one that is too small can also result in pain. Therefore, measure your penis correctly and get a chastity cage that fits. If you’re unsure how to measure yourself for a chastity cage there are helpful guides online you can use.

Likewise, you should also pick a chastity cage made with good material to enable you to wear the device comfortably. Materials like silicone, plastic, steel, or leather are raw materials used in making chastity cages, and each material has a different composition. Therefore, it’s important to go for a material that will not irritate your skin or make you uncomfortable when buying a chastity cage.

Shave your pubic hair

Since your balls will pass through the ring on the chastity cage, it’s important that you shave or trim your pubic hair or the hair on your balls that will have contact with the chastity cage. Doing this is essential so the chastity cage will not pull the hairs or find it hard to pass through easily.

Keep the chastity cage well lubricated

It is crucial to properly lubricate your penis and the interior of the chastity cage before wearing it. Lubrication will lessen the friction and irritation you might feel when your penis rubs on the chastity cage. Also, using a water-based lubricant is better because the likelihood of it irritating you or damaging the chastity cage’s material is less.

Slowly extend the wear period

If you are new to wearing a chastity cage, progressively extend the time you wear the device. Doing this will lessen the likelihood of you feeling pain while wearing the chastity cage and also give your body time to become used to the restriction. Remove the chastity cage when necessary, and pay attention to your body, particularly if you feel sore.

Maintain good hygiene

Long-term use of a chastity cage can result in the accumulation of germs and sweat around the penis and scrotal sac, which can result in infections or foul smells. Consequently, you must maintain high cleanliness while wearing a chastity cage. Maintaining good hygiene entails routinely cleaning the chastity cage and the penis region with warm water and soap and ensuring that the area is always dry and moisture-free.

Put on loose-fitting clothes

Another tip for wearing a chastity cage comfortably is to wear loose-fitting clothes. Always wear a comfortable, loose-fitting cloth to avoid your clothes rubbing against the cage. Wearing tight clothes can make the cage rub on the clothes and make it easier to see if you’re wearing a chastity device.


This article has explained the tips for wearing a chastity cage comfortably. To wear a chastity cage comfortably, shave your pubic hair, go for a chastity cage with the appropriate size and material, slowly extend the chastity cage’s wear period, maintain good hygiene, keep the device well lubricated, and always wear loose-fitting clothes.

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