Tips for Winning at Blackjack


Blackjack is arguably one of the most played games that you can find in the casino, as it offers strategic gameplay and high betting levels that can let you win plenty of bonuses and coins. While blackjack is quite easy to play once you understand the basics, it is actually difficult to win a match in the game because of how strategy-focused it is. If you are a beginner looking for a way to win a match of blackjack in an online casino, we are here to give you several tips on how to have a proper mindset and strategy in playing the game. So, let’s get started with the list and talk about the first tip.

Don’t Take the First Base Seat

The player sitting on the first base seat is the one that will receive the first card for the game, thus making the player the first one to make any move with his or her card on the table. While this may be advantageous for experienced players that don’t want opponents to affect their card, this seat is highly unfavorable for beginners that just started to learn how to play blackjack, as it would give little to no time to think about their move. It is recommended that you sit either in the middle or at the last seat so that you will have a few minutes to reconsider your moves or to review the dealer’s up card.

Always Think about the Dealer’s Up Card

The key to winning a match of blackjack is not actually the card on your hand, but the dealer’s up card, as it would often determine the outcome of the match. If the dealer’s up card shows 7 or higher, there would be a higher chance for you to win depending on your card, but if the up card is 6 or lower, you might want to fold or surrender for the match. The dealer’s up card would also determine the chances of winning for your opponents, so be sure to check their reactions to see if they have a winning hand.

Don’t Make an Insurance Bet

An insurance in blackjack is a side bet wherein the dealer will ask players if they want to bet on the dealer’s card if ever they turn into a winning hand. The insurance bet will only be offered if the dealer has an ace as his or her up card, and the dealer will then ask all players if they want to bet an insurance before the first player makes his or her move. While insurance bets will allow you to break even with your coins even if you don’t have a winning hand, betting for insurance is actually not recommended, as there is also a low chance that the dealer can have a winning hand despite having an ace. It is better to stay away from insurance bets and just stick to the cards on your hand.

Don’t Start with Large Bets

Don’t Start with Large Bets

It is a general rule for casino players to always start small while playing, as it would allow them to gauge if they have a lucky hand today or if their draws are cold. Once you feel like you are in a hot streak where you are always winning matches, you can gamble to bet larger bets and see if luck is still with you. However, if you want cold streaks, it would be best to just bet low and start forming strategies in how to win more in the game. These streaks would often affect your mentality in the game, as cold streaks would dishearten you to give effort in strategizing. So, don’t let your hot and cold streaks affect your gameplay, as casino games also involve strategy besides luck.

Know When to Stop Playing

Having a losing streak can be heartbreaking, but there would often be a growing feeling in your mind where you think that if you keep playing, your losing streak may finally stop. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen, and some players would often suffer from losing all their money in the game because they couldn’t stop playing, as they have hopes that they may win a match at some point. The key to winning in the fun casino game blackjack is to actually know when to stop playing, as it allows you to control how much coins or money you lose in the game. If you keep losing, it is better if you stop playing for a while and think of better strategies to win next time, as continue playing while disheartened may push you deeper into the heartbreak of losing without realizing that you are already betting your entire budget for playing the game.

The same tip can also be applied when you have a winning streak, as luck may often disappear after a few matches and would eventually lead you to a devastating losing streak. After winning a large bet in blackjack, the best thing for you to do is to stop playing and just enjoy what you won instead of betting it on another game that may either end up on a win or a loss. Winning doesn’t always involve getting large prizes, coins, and bonuses, as it can also be found after enjoying a few rounds of blackjack and other casino games. After all, blackjack is still considered a game, so it should be a source of enjoyment rather than heartbreak.

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