Tips For Writing a Good Dissertation


Writing a dissertation can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. You will have time to do the research before you can submit the final work. Most students will only realize the urgency of writing the paper when it is a week or two to the deadline. Starting early will give you ample time so that you’re coming up with a high-quality paper. If you’re looking for inspiration or a pointer in the right direction, you can search for custom dissertation services. This will give you ideas on how you should be writing the dissertation. Here are some tips that will come in handy if you’re preparing to write your dissertation.

Write Something Everyday

A lecturer might give you a whole academic semester to work on the dissertation. This is more than enough time if you’re a serious student. You can set a target of 200 words a day. At this pace, it should not take you more than four weeks to complete the dissertation. Granted, it is easier said than done but that shouldn’t stop you from at least trying if you want to avoid the last-minute rush, which can be very stressful. 200 words a day is very achievable and will require only 20 minutes of your time. You can use an online character counter to help you count the number of words or even characters, lines, and paragraphs you use in a text. If the dissertation is important, you should be putting in more effort because you will also need to do research.

Choosing a Topic

You should choose a topic that you care about as that will make it easy to write. Your professor might tell you to think about the job market when coming up with a topic but it involves more than that. It should be a topic that you don’t mind being obsessed about for a whole year. Even if you feel burnt out, you will still have the energy to write about the topic. It is easy to work on something that you enjoy and you’re passionate about.

Set Deadlines

You need to set a specific date to finish the dissertation. You can then work backwards so that you know what is expected at every stage. You can know how many words you’re expected to write on a daily basis. When you have an end date, you will know where to focus the energy which is crucial for the successful completion of the dissertation.

Establish a Routine

Having a routine is important for your academic performance while in school. It will also come in handy when you’re writing your dissertation. You need to determine the schedule and location that ticks all the boxes when working on your dissertation. You can decide to work on the dissertation for one hour every day. It can be immediately you wake up or when you’re about to go to sleep. You can mix things up to kill the monotony but it will be a lot easier if you have a routine to follow so that you don’t forget to work on the dissertation.

Accept Positive Criticism

For you to produce the perfect dissertation, you should be mentally strong to receive the feedback that you will get from the professor. Your advisor could dismiss your whole dissertation and you will be forced to start from scratch. Instead of fuming in frustration, you should ask for guidance to ensure you’re doing everything right. There is no way a professor will have a personal issue with you to let interfere with professionalism. Taking criticism personally will only hurt your prospects in the long run. It is important that you’re communicating your expectations with the professor so that you’re on the same page.

One Section at a Time                                    

Instead of aiming to clear a chapter, you should go for a section. This makes it easy to work on the dissertation. Everything is broken down into small chunks. This will give you confidence as you work through section by section. Before you know it, you will have cleared a couple of chapters. That is why it is recommended that you at least write 200 words every day. You will be at 4000 words after 20 days which is a couple of chapters for a dissertation paper.

Celebrate Milestones

It is important that you’re celebrating even small milestones. Working on a dissertation is always going to be challenging. Give yourself a treat when you complete a chapter. This will give you the motivation to work on the rest of the dissertation with the same level of enthusiasm.

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