Tips from Artificial Grass Recyclers on Choosing the Best Artificial Turf


Artificial grass was a revolutionary thing about 50 years ago when it was introduced to the market. Back then, there were only a few brands to choose from, but today’s increased demand has triggered a huge market. Nowadays, many companies make and sell synthetic turf.

Synthetic grass is an excellent substitute for natural grass. It is cheaper and easier to install. Also, you do not have to wait for it to grow, and it does not need watering, fertilizing, mowing, or extra seeding. Besides, quality synthetic turf does not differ much from the natural one, giving you many landscaping ideas.

Besides the fact that installing artificial turf saves you money and time, it also contributes to reducing pollution. In addition to the aforementioned non-use of water and chemicals, synthetic grass can be recycled and reused, such as the one that the Artificial Grass Recycler Company makes.

If all the above benefits seem legit, you’ll realize that installing artificial turf is a smart move. But before buying, you have to consider a few things and thus find the best synthetic grass for your yard.

Check Installation Place

Before you decide which turf will decorate your yard, you should consider the space. The choice of substrate will depend on several factors, so you should not hurry with the purchase. Apart from the area size, it is good to know its characteristics.

For example, consider whether the land where you plan to install turf is prone to floods. Does water stay there? If this is the case, you must take care of soil drainage before installing artificial grass. Then, think about whether the place is sunny or shaded. Ask all these queries when purchasing turf from the #1 Artificial Grass Dealer.

Finally, you should consider the amount of foot traffic in that area. Busy spots or those with heavy objects such as garden furniture or flowerpots call for a different type of turf than places where artificial grass will only serve as a decoration.

Do Your Research

Once you know what you need, it is time to research synthetic grass brands and their offers. And to do it properly, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of quality artificial turf. For instance, you can find different turf models of various pile heights and stitch counts on the market.

Also, you need to know the synthetic grass materials, as they differ in quality, look, and price. Yarn is mainly made of polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon. The first two are a good choice for yards, while nylon is excellent for places with heavy traffic, like playgrounds and courts.

Quality turf also has good thatch, infill, and backing. The first is an additional material that imitates the ‘imperfection’ of natural grass. The infill keeps the grass blades upright, protects the turf from UV radiation and moisture, and provides good feet cushioning.

The backing simply holds everything in place and ensures good drainage. And before installing, you have to consider the sub-base for your new turf. On this page, check what options you have.

Compare More Products

Compare More Products

Once you learn about the specs of artificial turf, you will know what to look for. Manufacturers should be transparent in their product declarations. This information will be of immense help, as you can compare it with the other products.

So, you will compare specifications such as color, weave density, thatch and infill materials, etc. Also, talk to the manufacturers about the installation requirements of this subfloor, as well as tips for maintaining it. Good customer support is as important as a quality product. Finally, do not forget the details about the product warranty.


Proper budgeting is inevitable for any big purchase. And sure, the initial price of synthetic turf can be higher than natural grass. But if you think about all the long-term savings it brings, it’s clear that this investment pays off quickly.

Considering a large number of products on the market, their price range is probably large. It’s best to choose artificial grass within a medium price range, provided it meets all quality requirements and your needs. Cheap synthetic grass is generally of poor quality, while the most expensive branded turf can be a waste of money. You can certainly find these features in budget-friendly, less well-known brands.

Artificial grass companies offer various payment options, especially if you buy synthetic turf in bulk. In that case, you can even get a discount or other perks such as free shipping.

Also, before buying, ask for a cost estimate. It should include the product rates and fees for installing this substrate if you opt for professionals instead of DIY. In the end, you’ll compare several quotes and choose the best one.

If you opt for DIY installation, check some handy tips below:

There is no one the best artificial turf to meet everyone’s needs. Its choice will depend on many factors, such as installation area requirements, intended purpose, and budget. In any case, take your time to research the products and opt for the one that suits you best.

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