Tips If You Have to Move to Frankfurt


Fondly referred to as the city of contrasts, Frankfurt is a city in Germany known to perfectly merge the old and modern to create beautiful tourism and financial hub. Apart from being one of the most influential financial cities in Germany, this city is also a multi-cultural center loved by expats. Frankfurt is home to more than 150 nationalities. You will fit right in.

Accommodation and cost of living in Frankfurt

The first thing you need to do once you decide to move to Frankfurt is to find accommodation. The variety of houses for rent in Frankfurt ranges from old designs and new age architecture. Generally, accommodation in Germany is more expensive when compared to other parts of Europe. You may be required to downsize if you want to pay the same in rent in Germany as you did before moving here. You can expect to pay between €1,700-1,800 (almost $2,000) per month for decent accommodation.

Frankfurt is more expensive when compared with other cities like Berlin. Of course, this means that working in Frankfurt will earn you more than you would in other cities in Germany. The cost of entertainment in Frankfurt is the same as what it would cost in other parts of Germany. Theatre entertainment is especially cheap in Frankfurt.

The healthcare in Frankfurt

In terms of healthcare, Frankfurt holds a reputation for offering the best healthcare when compared to other cities in Germany. The cost of healthcare in this city is split between an individual and their employer. Expect to pay a small fee for appointments. Most employers offer private insurance to their employees as a perk. Frankfurt is home to numerous specialists in different fields which ensures you can get all the help you want without having to leave the city. Having private insurance ensures you are not put on the waitlist.

The transport system

If you plan to drive once you move to Frankfurt, you should expect a lot of paperwork to be able to convert your current driving license to a German one. It can also be expensive, which is unavoidable. The German driver’s license is referred to as Führerschein. How fast one obtains it largely depends on where they moved from. Some states have reciprocal relationships with Germany, which ensures that expats from these states can have their licenses transferred with less fuss.

The tram is the most common public transport system in Frankfurt. It runs every five or ten minutes and can take you from one end of the city to the other with ease. There is also the train service, including the subway. Cycling is also common in Frankfurt and there is a bus system too.


As a business capital in Europe, Frankfurt has a very low unemployment rate. This means that there are many opportunities for anyone looking for work in the finance sector. Big pharma is also very popular in Frankfurt and this creates an opportunity for anyone in the science field. You will need your residency permit to be able to work while living in Frankfurt. If you cannot communicate in German, no need to worry as English is the primary business language here. Actually, fluency in English gives you a better chance to qualify for most jobs here.

Frankfurt, Germany is one of the best places you can move to Europe. With the information above, you will have an easier time moving here.

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