Tips on camping gear for a first time camper


Camping is a great thing to do. As you distance yourself from the electronic devices, cars, traffic, pollution, stress and the rigours of everyday life, camping helps you come closer to peace. On the face of it, camping looks quite simple. All you require is a tent, food and shoes. Those are necessary, but many things go into making a successful camping trip which resources like Campfire will tell you. Without it, you might find yourself in a difficult situation or, in some cases, even abandon the journey altogether.

So, below are all the things you should pay careful attention to as a first-time camper.

A spacious and comfortable tent

A tent is the first thing that you will need during a camping trip. The two factors that should influence your tent choice is the weather and space. It should have adequate elbow room that allows you to sit and stretch comfortably. One way of doing that is crawling inside and checking the area while buying a tent. Opt for a three-season shelter variant that will protect you from the rain, light hail, wind and cold weather. If you are bringing kids along, a cabin style tent will suit you the best. For optimum convenience and comfort, go with a two-door tent. However, always go with a lightweight tent that you can carry around easily and quickly set up.

A nice sleeping bag

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the several attractions of camping. But to do that, you will require a suitable sleeping bag. There are different types available. For example, a rectangular one will offer more room, while a mummy type will keep you warm without being bulky. A synthetic bag will provide insulation. Note that even if you go camping during the summer season, it can get quite chilly during the nighttime. It is advisable, therefore, to select a three-season sleeping bag. Season 3 sleeping bags are meant to serve you on cold autumn and winter nights. However, if the temperature plummets below zero, you will need season 4 sleeping bags.

An inviting sleeping mattress or pad

Your sleeping mattress should be inviting and welcome you to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Choose the most comfortable one that has plenty of cushioning. If you are going camping in your car, then a thick pad is the best option. Backpackers usually carry light pads made of foam since they have to take it everywhere. For camping during the winter season, you should get an inflatable pillow with enough insulation. Remember, the lighter pads that offer more heat will usually cost you more than thicker ones.

The optional pillow

Some people favour taking a pillow with them during a camping trip. According to enthusiastic campers, pillows spoil the “rugged” experience associated with camping. It is best to go with an inflatable camping pillow, but carry your regular pillow while taking your car. A pillow allows you to rest your head comfortably after a long day of hiking, setting up camp and other activities.

A bright lantern

It is bewildering and scary to find yourself surrounded by darkness in the middle of the wilderness. For many, the situation can be baffling and terrifying at the same time. Opt for a battery-powered lantern for the inside of your tent. Not only will a bright lantern allow you to read and relax inside the tent comfortably, but it will also be helpful during emergencies.

You could go for a headlamp (as the name suggests, it is a light attached to a helmet worn on your head). That will avoid the inconvenience of carrying it while reading or even moving around in the dark. It is best to go with lamps with lumens since they provide a better glow and reach an impressive distance. A rechargeable lantern would be a good idea.

A sturdy water bottle

Having a water bottle will not do. It should be firm and survive a fall or two, just in case. But the worst thing is to forget your water bottle. Being out in the open sun will leave you dehydrated pretty fast if you are not careful. Besides, water bottles will also come in handy while cooking.

Water bottles come in all styles and shapes. You could choose from steel, glass and plastic. However, nothing will work better than a sturdy plastic bottle for backpackers since it is easy to carry.

Camping is refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing, as Campfire and other related sites tell us. However, it would be great if you had some essentials in your gear before you head off towards a trip of a lifetime.

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