Tips on Choosing the Best WordPress Theme


When you first use WordPress to create a blog or website, it can become overwhelming as it has a lot of features to offer. To make your blog or site become more useful and interactive, it enables you to select a useful wordpress plugin. You can use plugins to add features to your websites, such as shopping carts, visitor counters, forms, clocks, and more, making your site more interesting for your audience.

Aside from choosing a plugin, another way to make your WordPress website look beautiful is by using themes. Beginners may be stunned to see thousands of free and paid options when it comes to themes. You need to choose the right theme to give your site or content style, keep it responsive across different devices, but not make your website slow. If your target audiences are mobile users, you need to pick the best mobile wordpress theme. This way, you can ensure that all your website’s content and widgets are viewed well.

With thousands of WordPress themes out there to choose from, it can be rather daunting to pick the best one. But no worries because we’re here to help you. Here are the best tips we can give on choosing the best WordPress theme for portfolio websites or any other type of websites you would need. And if you want expert professionals to create the best WordPress Web Design for you, we recommend you open the link given.

1. Create a list of the features you like to have on your WordPress theme

Before you search and select a theme for your WordPress site, it’s essential that you determine first the features that you want to have. It’s because WordPress has a filter option so that you can customize your search easily based on specific features that you like.

It’s important that you have the design you want in mind before you make a selection. One example is deciding how many columns you want your site to have. Remember that less is always more when it comes to WordPress themes. It’s essential to choose only the features that you need to accomplish the goal of your site. Therefore, try to create a list of all the things that you want the theme to have.

2. Avoid choosing an overstuffed theme

When choosing a WordPress theme, avoid those that are cluttered with too many features. It is nice to have a feature-rich theme, but it can also affect the website’s performance severely. Therefore, try to limit yourself from installing every feature that you find cool or amazing.

It is better to choose themes with light features. Themes with fancy music players or gaming capabilities might look good, but these could make your site slow. Also, these features are sometimes created by developers who use code they found on the internet, which can make the security of your site weak. The best WordPress themes are simple but useful.

3. Try to find a WordPress theme that is responsive

When you choose a theme that has a responsive design, it can make your website easy-to-use on different devices. A responsive theme should feature menus and other widgets that are compatible with mobile and is easy to navigate. You can search for themes with features like flexible images and fluid site grid, which can translate to non-desktop devices.

When you choose a good theme that is not as responsive as you like, you need to customize it a bit to make it work on different platforms. However, if you are not good at customizing themes, it’s better to stick with responsive ones.

4. Make sure that the WordPress theme you like is compatible with different browsers

In addition to being compatible across different devices, you also need to choose a theme that works on various browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and more. Therefore, when you install a theme, check if it works the same on different browsers. Test on different mobile browsers, too.

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5. Ensure that the theme supports all essential plugins

As mentioned earlier, plugins are important and useful for WordPress websites. They can make anything possible with your website. Therefore, you need to make sure that the theme you like to use supports all popular and essential plugins out there. If you are not sure, you can reach out to the theme developer to know which plugins the theme supports and which it does not.

6. Choose a WordPress theme that is a translation and multilingual ready

Many WordPress themes are not in the English language. If you are making a website that is in another language, you might have plans to make a multilingual site in the future. With this, when choosing a theme, it’s better to opt for one that is translation-ready and supports multilingual plugins.

7. Consider the color and font of the theme

Keep in mind that most online marketing is based on visual appearance. Colors can also help increase brand recognition. Therefore, try to look for a theme that matches the color scheme of your logo. Also, decide whether you want a theme that is dark or light.

In addition to color, you also need to select a theme that has easy-to-read fonts. Avoid choosing a theme with complicated-looking fonts, as visitors might abandon your site easily if they cannot read what’s written on your page well. Choose a theme with fonts that are simple, sophisticated, and readable.

8. Check the ratings and reviews

It is also great to check the ratings and reviews of themes. These are solid indicators of their quality, which are provided by other users. When you choose from free WordPress themes, you can find the rating section below the download button. Remember that almost all themes can get a few bad reviews. However, if a certain theme has unusually high bad ratings, then read those reviews carefully, or maybe it’s better to find another theme.

These are some of the tips we can give on how to choose the best WordPress theme. We hope this post helped you in selecting the perfect theme that will match the goal you want to achieve with your WordPress blog or website.

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