Tips on choosing the correct plastic surgeon


Getting reconstructive or cosmetic surgery is a giant leap. One that can have a drastic effect on your life, changing the way you look and feel. However, before taking that big decision, you must also try to find the perfect plastic surgeon for you. But, how will you find the plastic surgeon that suits you best?

How to find the right plastic surgeon?

Below are a few points that you must keep in mind before finding a plastic surgeon that is for you.

1. Be on the lookout for references

Begin by asking your regular general physician for reference plastic surgeons. You can also take recommendations from colleagues, friends, family, or other medical workers for referrals. With all the suggestions, jot down a list and start researching.

As you narrow down the plastic surgeon’s list, call each of them asking if they take up new patients. Make a consultation appointment and visit the plastic surgeon in person.

2. Investigate and find out the credentials of the plastic surgeon

Certification of the board is one of the most significant points while selecting a plastic surgeon. Board certification provides you with the doctor’s details, skills, specialty, experience, and reputation. Along with board certification, you should also check if the doctor has any history of malpractice or any disciplinary action taken against them.

3. Keep the experience of the plastic surgeon in mind

When considering a plastic surgeon, an essential factor to keep in mind is experience. For best results, you must choose a plastic surgeon with immense knowledge. An experienced doctor is less likely to risk surgical complications and recognize problems quickly if they arise. Also, question your plastic surgeon on patients they have treated with a similar condition as yours. If you are opting for a particular procedure, examine how many such procedures your doctor has performed. Along with experience, also ask about complications that may arise.

4. Contemplate the plastic surgeon’s gender

Contemplating about the gender of your doctor is necessary because you must be comfortable in discussing details. When you consider plastic surgery, it is essential to keep your gender in mind as well.

5. Research the quality and reputation of the medical facility

Your plastic surgeon’s medical facility is your go-to place. For this particular reason, you must keep in mind the importance and quality of healthcare provided in the medical vicinity of your doctor. Hospital reputation and rating matters because top-tier healthcare centers have lesser chances of complications and risks.

6. Observe the communication style of the plastic surgeon

Select a doctor who supports your information requirements and with whom you can communicate openly. It would help if you were looking for a plastic surgeon who is considerate of your needs, treatment choices, and someone who shall respect the process while making a decision.

7. Consider patient feedback

Before you decide to undergo surgery, you should have total confidence in your choices. Reading reviews of other patients with similar conditions or undergoing similar procedures will help you get insights. People’s experiences and feedback regarding your plastic surgeon will help you make the right decision. It will also benefit in choosing the correct plastic surgeon.

The decision to undergo plastic surgery may be exciting as well as a giant leap. However, it is necessary to take time before choosing the correct plastic surgeon. Stratus Plastic Surgery has emerged as a renowned name in the field. Try to engage in research, interview, and ask around until you are confident about the choice you make.

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