Tips On How To Quickly Get A Market When Selling Your House In Kenya


Selling your house is a process that involves taking several steps. For instance, you might have to make some renovations or remodel the home before you put it on the market. Then, you have to ensure that potential buyers know it is available for sale. You can do this by working with a real estate company that will act as an agent on your behalf. The real estate company will add your house to their available listings, and interested customers may make offers or ask to see the place.

On a site such as, you will find several real estate companies in Nairobi that could list your house and sell it on your behalf. The company you choose to work with will likely take up the responsibility of making sure they sell your home quickly. Even so, you must understand how to get a market for your house as soon as possible. You can contribute to making the sale successful with a clear understanding of how the process works.

1. Open the house to visitors.

To get your house on the market fast, you can start by going the traditional route and opening your home up to site visits from interested parties. Holding an open house show is a great way to inform potential clients that your house is available for sale. To make the process successful, you could post posters telling people about the showing. Set a particular date or number of days during which interested clients may come and see the house. Have your real estate agent organise this showing to reduce the workload and increase your chances of success.

2. Use existing databases

Your agent or the company acting on your behalf for sale could also take advantage of their existing client databases. Having sold several homes on behalf of previous clients, they are likely to have records of people who might be interested in getting another house. Such clients can be reached via the company’s mailers or newsletters, especially if they have subscribed to receive the information. This market is relatively easy to access and carries a lot of potential for sale.

3. List the house online.

With the increase in the use of online spaces to market different products, getting your home online is a great way to tap into the market. Your house may be on sale, but potential buyers will not know this unless they see the listing online. Depending on the website where your house is posted, you can reach hundreds of potential clients on the internet. Suggestions include the website of your real estate agent.

4. Use social media

Social media pages are large marketing spaces you can use to market your house quickly. A single social media post could reach a significant number of people. Also, social media users are prone to sharing the content they see with their fellow users. The more your post is reshaped across different platforms, the more extensive your list of potential clients becomes. The process is also swift. Social media posts can circulate within a short amount of time and reach many people.

5. Create a virtual tour

Buyers will eventually come and see your house in person when they decide to buy it. However, potential clients browsing for options are not yet ready for a site visit. You could create a virtual tour of your home, allowing customers to look at the space and decide if they want it.

Homeowners who have invested in property may decide to sell their house for several reasons. As the seller, you could work alone or choose to hire an agent to work on your behalf. Either way, the goal is often to find potential buyers quickly and kick-start the sale process. This article has some tips on how you can achieve fast sales.

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