Tips on How You Can Sell Your Home During the Pandemic


The COVID-19 situation we are currently experiencing should not hinder you from selling your home if you need to. So many individuals currently want to sell their houses for various reasons.

However, people are hesitating to post their property for sale due to health and price concerns. If you are one of these individuals who are afraid to put your house on the market, given the situation, here are some tips that you can use to make sure that you can make a safe and worthy sale.

Selling your home during a pandemic can be tough. The economic strain on the economy has forced a lot of employers to let go a lot of their workers to compensate for the drops in profit. Don’t stress too much over this though, with the key tips we give you above you can improve your chances dramatically. You can even sell your abandoned house for a good price if you know who to contact in order to sell it as quickly as possible. Remember there are plenty of companies that specialize in buying these types of homes. This can save you a lot of time, money and stress!

Do it Virtually

This is the best time to take advantage of technology and do your house selling online. You can list your property in an online marketplace, such as, or use social media for advertising your sale.

When you entertain inquiries, you can do so online such as videoconferencing and direct message. This will ensure you that you will be safe against the threat of the COVID-19. Entertain possible buyers through online platforms and via phone calls.

Cancel All Open House

You have to put your safety first. Instead of hosting an open house, you can also make a video tour of your house, focusing on your property’s best asset. You can also provide live tours for your possible buyers to ensure that the house is in a prime condition.

Hosting an open house will put you and your family at risk of catching the coronavirus, which makes open houses a bad idea for the meantime. Buyers will surely understand as they are also cautious about the virus.

If you can not create the video tour yourself, you can ask your agent to do it for you. They know what to do to attract a buyer in purchasing your property. You can also ask your agent to do the live tour for you if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

Never Entertain Lowballers

Even if we are in a pandemic, it is not a valid reason to lowball house pricing. You might be considering it, especially because of the dramatic drop in our economy due to the pandemic, but it should not be the case.

Before the pandemic started, agents reported that the prices for houses for sale are holding strong, and the pandemic should not be a reason to accept offers from possible buyers that you are not happy with.

Expect New Amendments and Disclosure

As the pandemic continues, contracts in house sales experience delays, which is why the buyers added new addenda or amendments and disclosure to the contracts. The so-called coronavirus clauses in the contracts are now frequently added by the home buyer’s purchase agreements.

The new addition to the contract allows contract termination and extensions without any repercussions. As the seller or owner of the property, you should read and understand any documents before signing it. If you have any concerns and questions regarding the contract, it is recommended to discuss it with your agent.

Take Extra Precaution

If it is really necessary to invite possible buyers into your house, make sure you take sanitation seriously. Ensure that you properly sanitize all things that are frequently touched, such as doorknobs, countertops, and cabinets or drawer handles.

It is also best that you clean up before showing off your home and right after the buyers leave. Additionally, only allow a limited number of people in each house tour and limit the number of house tours allowed.

Do not Hesitate to Take A Break

Do not rush to sell your house during this pandemic. Uncertainty is one of the problems we are facing today. We do not know who or how the virus can infect us, so being cautious is necessary.

If you feel that you need to take a break from marketing your house, then do it. Always put your safety as a top priority. If someone in your family is not feeling well, take a break from selling your house and resume after you all feel better, or everything goes back to normal.

Use E-signing Programs to Negotiate Contracts

Aside from marketing and communicating with buyers, it is also best to negotiate contracts online using an e-signing platform. There’s various available software that you can download and use when signing any contracts during the pandemic.

When your house is sold, it is best to sign through this software to avoid physical contact with the buyers or the agents. If you are not familiar with these programs, you can ask your agent to assist you with the process.

Just remember that you should always read and understand any documents you are about to sign. Do not hesitate to ask the agent and only sign if the agent fully explains the contract.


If you need to sell your house during the pandemic, you should know the current property buy and sell trend to avoid being taken advantage of. With the given tips, you will be well equipped with knowledge in selling your house.

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