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Although online gaming has become quite popular these days, it requires a stable Internet connection speed along with several other specifications to optimize one’s gaming experience. Suppose you are on the verge of winning the game and need to just slaughter your enemy when the game starts lagging and you find that you have been overcome by your foe instead. In case you are facing these types of undesirable situations, here are some guidelines which will help you fix these issues once and for all.

1. Upgrade your broadband Internet

A lot of gamers make the error of thinking that having a broadband connection will allow them to play online games whatsoever. In fact, not all broadband connections are capable of playing online games, although they might open sites quite fast. Online games will use a large bandwidth, and therefore, you need a superfast Internet connection to get the job done for you. It is advisable not to use the Internet connection with less than 5 Mbps speed for online gaming.

2. Use a proxy software application

Latency will affect online gaming performance more than the speed of the broadband Internet connection. For instance, it will not be feasible for you to enjoy playing your online game even with a broadband connection having a speed of more than 7 Mbps in case your latency is not up to the mark. You need to have a faster broadband speed as well as a decent latency. Latency, in computing, refers to the time it takes for data to travel from one location to another.

A better latency will help to notify the gaming server pretty quickly once information is transferred to you and you will get quicker results. In case your Internet connection is fast, but you require better latency, it will be a sensible idea to try out a proxy software application and see how it is working on your case.

3. Go for a better computer

You should never overlook the impact on your personal computer for getting superior gaming speeds. Every time you play online games, the gaming servers will need to connect to your computer by making use of the hardware. As a result, it will be possible to enhance your gaming experience by making sure that your computer is fast as well as reliable. It is imperative to get a better RAM, increase the disk space, restrict any background update, and so forth. A computer which is in good condition will enhance your Internet speed significantly.

Apart from keeping your computer in top condition, it is likewise imperative to play on a reliable gaming site that attracts numerous gamers from across the globe. Some of these games that deserve special mention are poker, Capsa, and Domino.

4. Close all programs connected to your Internet connection

The power of your Internet bandwidth is limited, and in case you run several programs requiring Internet access simultaneously, it will affect the performance to a great extent. For instance, download speeds will suffer while you are downloading multiple files at the same time. Also, make it a point to close all unwanted programs that might be connected to the Internet. Observe the Task Manager on the desktop of your PC to see which programs are open while you are playing an online game.

5. Reduce the number of users

In case you have ever visited an Internet café in your city, you must have noticed that the Internet connection is rather slow out there. This is because of the fact that many individuals are using broadband simultaneously. Likewise, it is also essential to reduce the number of gamers on your network. This can be found out by accessing the setup page of your router. Get rid of any person who is downloading a large file or, is streaming high definition video online.

6. Update your system and games

It is of prime importance to update the drivers of your system as well as the firmware. Updating these can fix bugs on most occasions and will improve performance as well. For instance, graphics drivers often provide significant gaming improvements which makes it essential to update these drivers from time to time. In the same way, make it a point to keep the games updated and patched given that these patches contain important fixes which will enhance performance considerably.

7. Join a server close to you

In case your game allows you to select your server, always go to a locally-based one since it will provide you with the lowest ping times plus the most enjoyable gaming experience. If the server is located far away from your place, it will take a long time for data to reach you and come back again.

8. Test your Internet connection speed

Test the speed of your Internet connection to figure out what speed you are getting. For this, you can use your main computer, tablet or even your smartphone. Perform the test at for a minimum of 3 times so as to get an average download and upload speed. Since upload speed does not make much impact on online gaming, put emphasis on the download speed instead. In case the download speed is 10 Mbps or lower, you will get lag in the online games.

9. Secure your wireless network

In case your Internet connection is left exposed without any protection, it is subjected to a security breach. Apart from this, your neighbors and other unknown folks in any adjoining area might find a means to enjoy your broadband connection without shelling out anything at all. Although this might not cause any harm to you, it might be enough to lower your broadband speeds and make your game lag too. To combat this problem, it is essential to use a strong password apart from encrypting your network signals too.

10. Back up the saved games

It will be a folly on your part to rely solely on your hardware while playing games on the web. Your hardware might become corrupted and in case you have not backed up your saved games you might need to face lots of trouble in the long run.

As the number of online gamers is increasing every single day, it is important to enhance the gaming experience of these individuals. These guidelines mentioned above will help you do that successfully. Online gaming is not for everyone out there and in case you happen to be a PC gaming buff, follow the above-mentioned tips to take your gaming experience to a new level.

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