Tips on Setting Up Different Recreational Spaces In Your Home


A home is often thought of as a place to retreat to and find comfort. After the bustle and tension from errands and work, crossing the threshold of your front door should be a relief. It is the real reason why interior decorators are still in business.

As your family grows, your home may increasingly become a hub of activity. Between sibling tiffs and babies wailing for attention, it may no longer feel like a restful space. It could also be that you find yourself working from home and it feels like you are at the office all the time.

If no one has told you, the secret to getting your zen back is designated recreational spaces. Want to know how to get them set up? Read on.

The Family Room

The Family Room

Spending time together is extremely important for purposes of family bonding and overall well-being. Interacting with your children gives you a chance to learn how they are coping with day-to-day events. On the other hand, if you live alone, a common living area would serve you well when entertaining.

The family room is often either the kitchen dining area or the living room. It all depends on the layout of your house. When designing your family room, aim for a cozy and inviting theme. Fluffy couches, carpeting, and throws are a good way to achieve this. Calming colors such as pastels and complementary pops of bright colors would nicely tie the decor together.


You will also need some entertainment in the room. Movie and game nights, for instance, are a great way to bond and draw everyone together. A small home theatre and a variety of board games would certainly do the trick.

A Play Nook

A Play Nooak

When toddlers are not asleep, they like to be entertained too. You might not be comfortable with the idea of them getting hooked on television too early. Medical professionals actually advise against it. How about a play nook instead?

When choosing where to set up a play area, find a safe space where you can keep an eye on your child. Consider areas like a corner of the living room or a child-proofed patio. In addition, ensure that the flooring is padded or carpeted for comfort and safety. 

Fortunately, toddlers do not usually need grand kinds of entertainment. A playhouse, building blocks, and a few toys ought to do the trick. The more colorful and animated the better. However, be sure to check each toy you buy against child safety protocols.

A Gaming Area

A Gaming Area

If your teenage children have been bit by the video game bug, you might need a gaming room. It is understandable if you are apprehensive about it. You might be worried that such a setup might be enabling them to spend more time gaming. On the contrary, you can regulate it by:

  • Limiting access until chores and school assignments are done
  • Giving gaming credits for good behavior 
  • Setting time limits to promote a healthy balance of usage

The basics of a gaming area are a gaming monitor, a console, and a chair. Given how opinionated teenagers are, involve them in designing the setup. Additionally, consider crucial issues such as eye-strain as well as neck and back support. The two make up some of the main health concerns doctors warn of in regard to gaming.

Look out for recommended gaming chairs and eye-friendly monitors. In regard to decor, aim for a fun look. For instance, you could find a neon flex RGB supplier and get some fun lighting in the room. It is definitely a creative touch that will give the space some character.

A Cozy Snag

A Cozy Snag

A snag is a quiet area you can set apart for yourself for sessions of reflection, reading, yoga, or meditating. It would be the place where you sip your morning coffee at sunrise or watch the sunset with a glass of wine. Alternatively, you could simply sit there and just be with your thoughts whenever you need to.

Depending on how much space you have in your home, a snag can be a whole room or part of one. For example, you could set it up on your bedroom balcony or on a section of your home office looking outside. Wherever you find the space, the trick is to make it as calming as possible.

What will you need? Think of the things that you consider creature comforts and therein lies your answer. Flowers, your favorite wine or whiskey, a recliner, scented candles, or books are all worth considering. For yoga and mediation, you could add a mat and speaker or two if you would like some mood music.

The Great Outdoors

You didn’t think we would leave out the great outdoors, did you? You may not feel it like you do caffeine but nature does wonders for your health. It would be a shame to have a backyard and not make the most of it.

Some landscaping would go a long way. Make arrangements to have your lawn mowed and tended to. If you have a green thumb, some flowers would be a nice touch. Gardening, in itself, can be a form of recreation for those that enjoy it.

When that is done, you can pick out some outdoor furniture. Weather resilient material such as bamboo and easy-to-clean cushioning would make maintenance a breeze. The only thing left would be a barbecue grill of your choice.


When it comes to rest and recreation, we all have different ways in which we like to unwind. Some may prefer pin-drop silence and others may need to kick a football around or play a puzzle. When we are deprived of these things we become fatigued, irate, and unhappy.

Different recreational spaces provide a way to be apart and together at the same time. More so during this stay-at-home period when perpetually being indoors has everyone on edge. 

Now that you have all the tips to get you started, enjoy the challenge and your new spaces.

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