Tips to Boost Airport Experience

Are you a frequent flyer? Do you want some tips to enhance your airport experience? Whether you are a frequent traveler or you travel occasionally, you can make your air travel smooth and comfortable by following some simple tips.

You should carry a smile always and do not argue with TSA agents. Any argument might result in complete search from head to toe.

Even if you are traveling in summer, avoid wearing flip-flops or take a pair of socks to wear during the security check. Make sure that the shoes must come off. Otherwise, you might have to walk barefooted.

Do you want some more tips to make your traveling smooth? If yes, then the following article is written for you only.

Put On Your Shoes

You should not use an airplane bathroom without shoes on. Socks will not help much as they will get wet. Also, use paper towels while using bathroom handles. This is important for international travelers since most people use handles without any precaution and you are not aware of their health conditions.

Prepare for Flight Delays

Flight delays are not unexpected and it can happen anytime. Therefore, you will have to plan ahead for this kind of situation and make sure that you have all your medicines with you to deal with emergencies. When you are in the United States, you can get emergency help through your pharmacy. However, a long haul flight might cause problems.  Also be sure to consider if is travel insurance worth it as well.

Know the Condition

If you are traveling in a long flight, then take extra caution to maintain your hydration and avoid jet lag. Make sure that you have your water bottle ready all the time. It is also a good idea to understand the time zone and get a suitable airplane seat to support your long distance journey. Business travelers normally prefer aisle seats for long duration travels.

Keep Your Boarding Pass

Many travelers throw their boarding pass soon after reaching the destination. Hang on, your boarding pass is the proof of your travel and you can use it in your favor when the airlines do not give you proper credit. You can also use it for your credit card company.

Keep the Air Vent Open

Instead of closing your vent to prevent cold air, you should use a sweater or similar thing. If you keep your vent open most of the time, it will help to blow away the flu and cold bugs.

Be Aware of Additional Expenses

Many travelers do not know that now they will have to pay for bags. Each airline has different rules. But all of them charge for checking a bag. You can pay your fee by snagging a credit card that provides free checked bags.

Take Extra Caution for Parking

Airport parking lots are normally huge that includes a lot of decks and lots. You will find thousands of vehicles parked in the airport parking. In this condition, it is easy to get lost. So, act smart and use your cell phones to take an image of the parking number and space to avoid any confusion later.

Use a Luggage Tag

As the bags are many, you can simply identify your luggage with a luggage tag. You can also take a photo of your bag to use it in future if required. For example, if you lose your bag, you can show the photo and tag to the concerned bodies to get back your bag.

Ask Flight Attendants

If you are flying for the first time or you are an occasional flyer, then you can take the help of flight attendants. They can offer you all the required help.

Wear Black

Many of us prefer a white or light look during traveling. However, you can consider wearing black. Back is suggested since it can survive any spill and will look fresh for a long. Black is best if you are planning for the global entry and you are traveling with your kids.

Guide Your Driver

While traveling, it is important to take care of every little thing to avoid any delay. For example, if you leave at the last moment, traffic might cause a delay. Yes, do not forget to tell your driver about the name of the airport. If your driver takes to the wrong airport, you are going to miss your flight.

Take Care of Your Comfort

If you want to take a nap, you can use the sleep mask. Also, think about the comfort of others. If you want to recline, then inform the passenger behind your seat. He/she might be doing some important work on the laptop using WIFI.

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