Tips to Design A well-designed username for your social media page


If you’re here, you’re probably starting or maybe even halfway through to build your online presence. Let’s be honest – digital online marketing has become a primary source both for companies and for private individuals as well. There’s just too much you can do online, and there are various methods to monetize your activities and profit from what you do best. Be it making quality YouTube videos, or writing excellent blog posts, or even answering historical questions on Quora may bring you a steady source of income. If you ever need help in any word game, be sure to come here first! in a sentence for all word scramble games & crossword puzzles. Our mission is to bring you the easiest-to-use and fastest word game helpers on the internet.

However, online content creators point out that it’s no easy task, and there’s a lot of know-how involved. If you want to deepen your knowledge on enhancing your online visibility through branding, you can read more about it here.

But in this piece, we’d like to give concrete tips on how to craft a well-designed username for your social media pages. After all, your username is the first thing people will see when checking your brand. You can create one yourself using your intuition to create a catchy and innovative one. Or you can use a username-generator that can help you do just that. Both are good, just be sure to double-check the tips below, who could’ve known that even creating a username is crucial to a successful online business?

Why is it important?

Username is not only a nickname by which you identify online. It represents you. You can create a funny username with a dirty joke in it, but you’d hardly use it to represent your business. On the other hand, well-thought usernames can impress your audiences, radiate spotless reputation, security, and innovation.

Take Teri Hatchet as an example. She’s a famous successful actress, best known for her primary role in Desperate Housewives. Her Twitter username is @HatchingChange, which reflects her last name and hits towards changes you can do to make your, and everyone else, lives better. This plays nicely and attracts attention, and she is doing very well with over 100k followers on Twitter.

It’s essential to remember that your username is much more than just a thing to remember you by. Always think about what you want to achieve online and let your username reflect that!

Let’s go into concrete steps you can take to craft an attractive username.

1. Check cross-platform availability

This may come as a no-brainer, but in practice, it tends to create more troubles than necessary. So many people use the Internet these days that there are hundreds of billions of usernames in use, and it becomes harder to come up with a new one.

Furthermore, even if a particular username is available on Reddit, it might be taken on other social platforms. Imagine you successfully built your account on Reddit and you’re now a well-known personality there, you want to expand to other social networks, only to witness that your username there is taken by other people. Even worse, some of your fans contacted those users by mistake, creating even more confusion.

There is a way to avoid that. You can use password managers to double-check the availability of particular usernames on many different social platforms. It’s not the primary function of a password manager, but it perfectly fits into what we’re trying to achieve here.

2. Know your social network

Days when Facebook was one of the few social networks to choose from. Now businesses and influencers are successfully using Reddit, Quora, Twitter and Facebook, Instagram, and even Telegram to market their service and gain some brand awareness. There’s nothing wrong to stick to just one or two, but it’s always crucial to know their intricacies.

For example, Twitter has different laws to govern the creation of usernames than Reddit. There might be symbol limitations, for example, Twitter allows a maximum of 15 characters length for usernames. Also, Reddit has a “lose” username policy, so you can create anything you’d like, but keep in mind that other social networks are more strict and want to see something more official, like a name and a surname, or just your brand. Get to know what people hang out in your social network and try to think of a username that would fit right in.

3. Global VS Local

This is especially important to know at the very beginning: will you sell your services locally, or are you going global? If you start building your online presence using your native language, but your buyers will come from all over the world, then they’ll have a hard time understanding you and following your brand. On the other hand, if you’re planning to sell locally, it’s best to stick to your native tongue, since not everybody knows English.

Keep in mind that if your business does grow and exceed expectations, you might want to change between these two strategies. Then it’s best to create catchy usernames that would be understood both by your neighbours in your hometown, and people from afar. At this point, you should also start thinking about your brand’s custom logo, which will appear alongside your username. Should it be something only your natives will understand? Or something that will be recognized globally?

4. Don’t forget manners

Even though you have the liberty to create almost any username you like, always think of the consequences. Something might sound funny to you, but other people might find it offensive. Dirty jokes are considered a bad taste, and a lot of advertising companies got burned when they sexualized their content. Furthermore, you may come from a country with particular traditions, but other cultures may find that offensive, and you must take it into consideration when crafting your username.

Something edgy or funny is not necessarily wrong, but always ask yourself what image it creates for my business? Am I a more happy-go-lucky kind of entrepreneur, or am I going for a solid-and-reliable sort of reputation? You’ll want something reliable when you’re selling technology, but if your craft is to record and edit gameplay videos, you’d like something outside of the box.

5. Don’t forget online safety

This last advice applies to whatever you do online. Cybersecurity experts are warning netizens of Credential Stuffing attacks that exploit weak username-password combinations. So when creating your online presence, don’t forget to invest in a password manager, AntiVirus, and VPN software. A password like “qwerty” and “password123” won’t protect our account from cybercriminals, and you don’t want to establish your online presence only to have it hacked and stolen.

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