Tips To Enjoy Camping With Your Dog


As you plan a camping trip, you may want to bring your furry friend with you. People will bring their dogs camping, but how do you prepare for your first camping trip with your dog? After all, you need to take care of your furry friend while keeping him or her safe. We want to share some tips that will help you enjoy your camping trip while bringing your dog along.

Look Into Dog Boots

You never know what type of terrain you may come across while on a camping trip, so dog boots might be a great option for your furry friend. Dog boots will provide your dog some extra protection in unfamiliar territory. After all, you don’t want your dog to step on something bad and face an injury, which could lead to serious problems. Rather than sending you out searching for the best boots for your pup, visit The Pampered Pup for they already did the homework for you.

If you plan to use dog boots, make sure you get your dog used to them ahead of time. Most dogs don’t wear anything on their feet, so they may need to re-learn how to walk while wearing shoes. Due to this, you should put them on your dog a few weeks ahead of time, let him or her use them and then go on the camping trip once your dog can walk in them.

Bring a Leash and Harness

You can run into unpredictable situations when you take your dog outside, so you need to bring a leash and harness. While some people will attach dog leashes to dog collars, you can hurt your dog this way. Instead, you should attach a leash to the harness to stop your dog from running off without pulling on his or her neck.

While you camp, you should keep the harness on your dog. Doing so will help you to quickly put on the leash as needed without worrying about the harness. Also, harnesses take time to put on, so you will save some time if you keep the harness on during the camping trip. You will want a leash just in case something happens, or if something scares your dog.

Take a Kennel for Sleep

Your dog will need a comfortable place to sleep while you camp. If you plan to use an RV, then you won’t have to worry as much since your dog can sleep on a dog bed or next to you. However, if you plan to sleep in a tent, or your dog usually sleeps in a kennel, then you should bring it with you.

You shouldn’t let your dog sleep on the ground during a camping trip. Make sure you provide cushioning inside of the kennel to keep your dog comfortable. On top of this, the campsite might have critters and loud noises your dog doesn’t like, so you can help him or her feel safe with a recognizable space like a kennel.

Check Your Dog Food Options

You will need to bring your dog something to eat during the trip. This will depend on the situation, such as your dog’s usual eating habits and nutritional needs. If your dog eats dry dog food, then you can easily bring it with you and let your dog enjoy a meal. However, your dog may eat homemade food or wet dog food, so you will need to plan accordingly.

If your dog eats homemade food, you may need to bring some with you ahead of time. You should avoid foods that can spoil, or you can give your dog a more special meal he or she doesn’t normally get to eat. On top of this, you should also bring some treats to keep your furry friend happy as you spend some time outside.

Give Your Dog Time to Sniff

Once you arrive at the campsite, you should let your dog explore a bit and sniff the area. Dogs can struggle in unfamiliar landscapes, so giving your dog the chance to become familiar with the area can present some benefits. On top of this, your dog can start marking his or her territory, which could deter other animals from coming over.

After all, you want your dog to feel comfortable in this environment, so giving him or her the chance to sniff it makes sense. As a side note, your dog will also learn and gain experience as he or she comes across different smells. You might as well let your dog enjoy the environment as he or she gets some mental stimulation.

Go on Adventures Together

As you have your dog on the trip, you can enjoy an adventure together. For example, you could put your dog on a leash and explore the area. You can also check out nearby areas, enjoy the scenery and spend some time there. This will vary depending on your campsite, but you can have some fun and an adventure on your camping trip.

Make sure you don’t get too far away from your campsite. You don’t want to get lost or face an injury, so you should stay relatively close to your camping area. If your dog wants to go farther away, make sure you redirect him or her back towards the camp. After all, you want to have fun on your adventure, but you should always prioritize safety.

You can have lots of fun if you bring your dog on your camping trips. Doing so will take some preparation on your part, but you can give your dog some fun experiences while you both spend time together. Make sure you use these tips to keep your dog happy and safe during your camping trip.


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