Tips to Find the Best Cordless Circular Saw


So friends, if you have finally planned to buy a cordless circular saw for your projects then you have the right article in hand with all vital tips to find the best cordless circular saw. The cordless circular saw is highly versatile, influential and works on battery. It can be used anytime and anywhere as no power plug is required. 

A cordless circular saw is suitable not only for professional tasks but also to assist well in DIY kinds of tasks. It is very light in weight and compact enough. It simply needs to be charged. It also produces less noise. 

Guide to find the best cordless circular saw

1. Cutting capacity

When we talk about the cutting capacity of the saw then determining the size of the blade becomes essential. Actually, 165mm is considered the standard size of the cordless circular saw. Consider the blade type that you are buying as it should be compatible enough to the cordless circular saw you are buying. 

2. Cutting depth

Yes you need to check for the maximum cutting depth offered by your cordless circular saw. For making a bevel cut your saw may attain the cutting depth of 45° degrees or else the utmost cutting depth will be of 0° degree. 

The cutting depth of a cordless circular saw indicates the apex width of the wooden shafts that can be cut and which can be determined by examining the size of the blade. The blade size is generally illustrated in inches and the cutting depths can also be easily adjusted. 

3. Revolution per minute (RPM)

RPM advocates Revolution per minute. It indicates the speed of the rotation of any circular saw. RPM tells that how much of the power the cordless circular saw is competent to generate.  Actually, the RPM produced by the saw has to do with both the power and speed of the saw. 

Higher the RPM, then higher will be the saw power and it will run faster. You can also adjust the speed of your cordless circular saw as per the cutting needs for the soft or hard wooden slabs.

4. Blades

If you want to cut woodblocks then you can get a blade with the defined teeth. You can also get a blade for making the rip cuts or crosscuts. Also, the blades are available with a combination of both. You can see more teeth in the blade for cross cuts in comparison to the blade for rip cuts. 

The bricks and concrete can be cut with a coarse-abrasion blade and on another hand, the tiles and marbles can be cut with fine friction blades. 

Mostly the blades are available in steel material. Next, the 24 carbide-tipped blades will perform for long but will also cost you more. Also, the diamond-tipped blades are also popular and offer enhanced durability and performance. 

Actually, the highest degree of the volume of teeth on the blades indicates the actual capability and performance of a blade in cutting the variety of the materials. More number of teeth will lead to improved and rapid material cutting. 

5. Batteries

The cordless circular saw operates on battery. Most of the cordless circular saw operates on an 18V lithium-ion battery. These batteries are highly powerful, strong and support various applications. If you are willing to work on cutting multiple blocks of wood then the long life of the battery is essential. 

While using a cordless circular saw you may need backup batteries when you work outdoors for long hours work. The lithium-ion batteries run for long.

6. Blade guard

Yes, working with a machine like cordless circular saw demands a high safety level. A cordless circular saw designed with the technology of the blade guard will endure your finger’s safety. With enhanced safety, you will be able to operate better and for longer. 

7. Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design of a cordless circular saw makes it highly convenient and easy to use. The handling style and weight are some of the factors that make an appliance easy to use. Also, the bevel settings and RPM are also considered for the convenient usage of the circular cordless saw. 

8. Weight

Weight of the cordless circular saw matters a lot. The compact design of the machine assures convenient and easy working without extra efforts and with reduced fatigue. Likewise, you can select a lightweight saw. 


The best cordless circular saw is highly energy-efficient, powerful, light in weight and supports various applications with varying cutting adjustments. Cordless circular saws are very easy to operate and portable. It also offers better material cutting experience at affordable prices.

Tips to find the best cordless circular saw is a helpful guide to get a quality saw for multiple applications. You can now take these factors into consideration and make right cordless circular saw choices in the market with ample options.

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