Tips to Get the Most out of Online Tutoring Classes


With the harsh hit by Covid-19 that sent working adults and students home for remote working and studying, we have been consumed by telecommunication. While the government announces that working from home is no longer the default mode of work from 1st May 2021, many employees still prefer to work remotely from home for three reasons – flexibility, convenience and cost-efficient. No doubt, working from home and studying from home gives flexibility of waking up the minute right before the official reporting time, convenience of being in home clothes and going about your house for snacks anytime you like, and cost savings on transportation and outside food (Mom’s cooking is the best, we know that).

And this is also why, online tutoring classes is hitting its prime. There is no longer the absolute need to turn up for classes physically if classes could be shifted online effectively. Hurray for the students, and hurray for the teachers! However, most people still believe in the traditional class setting because it gives more space for students to ask questions and for face to face interaction that are perceived to be more productive. But, is that really the case?

Today, we explore the tips to get the most out of online tutoring classes and these could even prove why online tutoring classes are just as effective as physical classes!

Setting Up a Conducive Environment

While it is convenient and flexible to have the lessons at the comfort of your home, it is important to set aside a “work area” for work or school, in order to put you into the mood of being productive. This can be as easy as tidying up your usual work desk and making a cup of hot coffee to imitate the actual working space. Having a conducive environment puts your mind in the right mood to do work productively. It is important that you do not get disturbed or distracted in this space, so being in the room would be more ideal than being out in the dining room.

Prepare Yourself and Log into the Class 10 Minutes Ahead

Of course, one of the biggest perks about having online classes is being able to wake up as late as you want, right before the class starts. However, that is not the best thing to do. In fact, you should prepare yourself, physically and mentally and log into the online tutoring class at least 10 minutes ahead. This gives ample time for your brain and body to adjust from resting to studying. When the body is prepared, the mind can naturally absorb knowledge better.

Be Active in the Class

For all the introverts and those who are shy to speak up in class, this is truly the chance for you. We all know how daunting it can be to raise your hand in a class of 40 pairs of eyes staring at you to answer a question which you may even get wrong. It is much easier to speak up in Zoom because you do not have to intentionally project your voice loudly to the entire class – all you have to do is to speak close to you microphone. There is also no need to raise your hand physically – you can make use of the raise hand feature to get the attention of your tutor. The most important factor of it all is how the entire class will be muted – no extra noises that filter down your voice.

With the prevalence of online tutoring in Singapore, more and more people will be shifting tutoring classes online. To make the most out of online tutoring classes, students must be proactive and take charge in their own learning. Other than listening to classes and doing assigned homework, it is ideal for students to practice on past year papers.

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