Tips to Getting Back in Shape Post-Pregnancy


While having a baby is a true miracle, one of the drawbacks that come along with it is the amount of weight you put on during pregnancy. On average, most women tend to gain an extra 10-12 kg during those nine months. After giving birth and getting back on your feet, one of the first thoughts that will cross your mind is how to get rid of all that excess weight. 

While it is difficult, especially with a newborn, here are some tips to help you get back in shape post-pregnancy.

Perform post-natal exercises

Since you’ve just given birth and still need time for your body to recover, it’s not very wise to be doing any vigorous exercises. Instead, to help you get back in shape you can perform post-natal exercises that are low-impact but will still help you lose calories and shed that extra fat you need to get rid of. These include yoga and Pilates which allow you to break a sweat, get in shape, and lose the calories you need without harming yourself.  If ever you’re suffering from abdominal separation during or after pregnancy, it’s best to take note of the diastasis recti exercises to avoid in order to make sure that your condition does not worsen.

Another option that is quite convenient jogging or even running.  You’ll need to take your baby out for a stroll anyway to get a bit of fresh air. That makes it the perfect way to get a dose of exercise in, without having to worry about what to do with your newborn. Make it part of your daily routine and take your little one to a park where you can jog while pushing a stroller. While there are many strollers that can help you jog easily, this detailed review will help you make the best-educated decision. Comparing features, terrains, and prices, you’ll be able to figure out which stroller will help you get the task done without it being too difficult or uncomfortable for your baby. With a daily jog, you’ll be adding cardio to your day, allowing you to burn calories and get rid of the excess fats you’ve been carrying. 



One of the best ways to try and get your body back after giving birth is by breastfeeding. If you’re lucky enough to have a proper supply of milk and do not encounter any problems with your baby, you can easily be losing an average of 300-500 calories per day. While breastfeeding will help you go into a calorie deficit and allow you to lose weight faster, it is also important to ensure that you eat a balanced, healthy, and nutritious meal in order to provide your newborn with the nutrients it needs, as well. It is also worth mentioning that while breastfeeding will help you reach your target, it is extremely beneficial for your baby, as breastfed babies tend to be healthier with a stronger immune system than babies who bottle-feed. 

Get enough sleep

While this sounds like it’s pretty impossible with a newborn, it’s important that you sleep whenever your baby drifts off. That’s because lack of sleep can really affect your metabolism and prevent you from losing weight. In order to lose weight and get your metabolism pumping, try and set your sleeping cycle to your little one no matter how absurd or odd it seems. That way, you’ll at least be well-rested, avoid messing up with your metabolism, and also have enough energy to exercise. 

Go natural on snacks

When you’re breastfeeding, you’ll find yourself hungry pretty often. Sometimes, because you don’t have enough time or energy to make healthy food, you’ll find yourself eating anything within sight, even if it’s unhealthy. To avoid that, make sure you don’t keep any unhealthy snacks in your pantry and try to munch on natural weight loss foods that will fill you up without adding calories. This could be done by snacking on carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers or an assortment of fruits. Or you could also add other components to your diet that will boost your metabolism and will also make you feel like you’re filling up your stomach. This could be natural drinks such as green tea, apple cider vinegar, as well as lime and honey in water due to their properties that aid in weight loss.

It’s ok to take your time to recover after giving birth and go easy on yourself. But once you’re ready to start trying to lose that excess weight, you can take it one step at a time with these healthy tips. Just remember to avoid excessive dieting or extreme workouts as your body still hasn’t totally recovered and needs you to take it easy.

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