Tips to Increase Child Interest for Math


Not every child is the same. Some might excel in their studies, while others may need proper attention and encouragement to make progress in their studies. However, all the parents want their children to succeed in their lives. Hence, they work on raising the spirits of their children by increasing the interest of their children in various subjects. Mathematics is such a subject in which one person cannot excel until and unless his concepts are 100% clear. And since not all parents use the services of a good math tutor, Hong Kong or other city based one, therefore, they might struggle to work on increasing their child’s interest in mathematics. This blog is for such parents. Here we are going to mention some tips to increase child interest in math. So let’s begin.

1. Try Creative Approaches

As explained earlier, one cannot gain expertise in mathematics until and unless his math concepts are crystal clear. For vivid concepts, extra care and attention are required. You can help your kids in this regard by hiring a tutor for them. A lot of websites provide access to contact details of experienced math tutors along with their fee rates to help you select the best one for your kid. An experienced teacher ensures clarity of concepts for kids. On the other hand, you can also give lessons to your kids yourself if you have enough time and knowledge. In this case, you are suggested to apply creative approaches in teaching kids, for example, using props for mathematical operations like addition and subtraction. You can also show them videos or expose them to real-life scenarios like explaining through counting money.

2. Use of Educational Math Toys

Math can also be taught best by using educational math toys. This would not only ensure their learning but also increase their interest as they would be engaged in having fun learning and playing. Colorful toys increase the attention span of kids and make them more curious to understand the phenomenon being taught. However, the selection of appropriate educational math toys for improving the mathematical abilities of your kids is very important.

3. Games Requiring Mathematical Skills

Games that require mathematical skills are also a very efficient way of increasing your child’s interest in math. A number of board games such as monopoly enable kids to use their mathematical abilities to learn new things and have fun at the same time. In addition to these games, you can also make games on your own that include the four operations of math along with real-life problem-solving techniques, etcetera.

4. Making Real Connection

Relating mathematics to real-life situations can also help increase their interest in math. Enabling them to apply mathematical concepts outside the classroom, suggested while buying groceries, can help them clarify their concepts even more. Online tuition can also help in this regard. Making connections through audio-visual methods can also help increase the interest of kids in this subject.

5. Taking Help from Math Music Videos

A number of math music videos are freely available on YouTube and other websites on the internet. Using those websites to clarify the concepts of kids can not only ensure efficient learning but also increase their interest in learning math in a unique way that is different from the traditional method of classroom learning.

So these were a few ways by which you can increase the interest of a child in math. These steps are worth following. You can go for one or more of these steps, or apply them interchangeably to get the desired results.

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