Tips to Sell Your Apartment Quickly

In real estate, to sell a property as quickly as possible, it is essential to put all the chances on your side. From the promotion of the accommodation to the quality of the ad, including the relevance of the real estate estimate or the season, each parameter is important. Here are our 6 tips for selling your property quickly.

Sell Your Property Quickly By Setting The Right Price

The first thing to do as an owner to sell your property quickly without an agency is to carefully assess its price. The latter must be consistent with the real estate market in order to arouse the interest of buyers and maximize the chances of visits. Be careful not to be too “greedy”, at the risk of holding back potential buyers.

To be sure to sell your property quickly and at the right price, the ideal is to have it valued free of charge by several professionals, such as real estate agents. Conversely, you must avoid counterproductive situations, such as setting a price according to your needs, revising the price upwards and/or downwards several times, or offering your accommodation too expensive at departure to be able to negotiate afterwards.

Please note, if it is a real estate sale for divorce, or a sale for transfer, you are not obliged to specify this. This would encourage potential buyers who know you are in a hurry to make very low offers.

Take Care Of Your Ad To Inspire

Once the price of your property has been fixed, comes the stage of writing your real estate ad. This must be attractive to attract potential buyers. In order to inspire, it must be neither too long nor too short. Clarity and precision are the watchwords.

The ad must mention essential information, such as the selling price, the surface area of the apartment, the type of heating, the number of bedrooms and the location. Taking care of your advert also means taking bright photos of tidy, uncluttered rooms and broadcasting them on one or two channels. Here you can call on professional photographers if necessary.

Enhance your Home

Another tip for selling your property quickly without an agency is to showcase it. A few simple details can make all the difference, for example tidying up and decluttering the rooms in the apartment. By moving furniture and freeing up space, you give future buyers more opportunities to imagine themselves in your home. Home staging techniques allow you to find the right balance between decoration that is too personal and too refined.

Choose The Right Season To Hope For An Accelerated Sale

Although real estate transactions take place all year round, there are still certain times that are more opportune than others to optimize the time it takes to sell your property. It is often said that spring is the ideal season. In fact, many buyers begin their research at this time in anticipation of their children going back to school. Furthermore, the season is favorable for visits, because the weather conditions allow potential buyers to appreciate the brightness of the properties.

Obviously, not all sales are grouped together in the spring, and fortunately for real estate professionals! However, this is a good time to highlight your property, as well as your green spaces if there are any, unlike winter.

Create a Complete File to Sell your Property quickly

When an owner wants to sell his apartment or house quickly, it is in his best interest to put together a complete sales file for potential buyers, including real estate diagnostics. Indeed, visitors generally seek out precise information about the accommodation visited in order to immediately assess its strengths and weaknesses, and to feed their thoughts for informed decision-making.

So remember to find out about the surface area of the rooms in the property, the year of construction, the amount of local taxes, property taxes, etc. and to keep this information close at hand. Better to have the right answers to provide on the big day!

Sell Your Property To A Real Estate Platform

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