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Tips to using a new pregnancy tracker app

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Pregnancy has never been easy, with hurdles such as fatigue, morning sickness and other unknown and unanticipated issues that develop mid-way, it can be very overwhelming. The good news is that tracker apps can be easily downloaded on your smartphone for keeping track of the pregnancy progress. The body is rapidly changing, but the app makes it very easy to understand what is happening in the body.

A tracker app is not exactly an alternative for professional medical advice, but it will, without a doubt, keep you a step ahead of your pregnancy. That said, how do you decide which is the best pregnancy tracker app for you?

How to choose the best pregnancy app

Before you can use any app, you want to make sure you choose the best one. Oftentimes, you might want to choose an app based on factors including the main features, support, cost, reviews, educational background information, as well as its rating. You might also want to check if a medical review board and team has reviewed the content in the app. This is because pregnancy is medically complex, so you want to be as safe as possible. 

While things might not be easy throughout the pregnancy, some apps have online communities, partner usage, and chats, etc which rid the loneliness of the journey. These are some of the top tips of finding the best pregnancy tracker app.

Will I need to use it every day?

You might not necessarily need to use your app every day, but in order to set your pregnancy goals as well as those of your young one, you will need to log your health behaviours. This mostly consists of your exercise, food, and sleep habits. However, using the app every day can be very beneficial to helping you learn about different health behaviours and how to adjust in the right direction, leading to a healthier pregnancy. 

You might expect features including a photo journal which allows you to measure the growth of your belly through taking photos. The best part is that you can take images as often as you want, weekly or monthly.

The best time to start using a pregnancy tracking app?

You have taken a pregnancy test which turns out positive, how do you know if it is too early or too late to start using a pregnancy tracking app? There is no specific time during your pregnancy when you should use the app. You can start once you find out you are pregnant or just use it whenever you are comfortable to do so. 

Usually, these apps are personalized to allow you to enter how far along you are with the pregnancy. You will also receive updates about your baby’s development in the womb. Regardless of when you start using a tracking app, you will have access to features that are incredibly useful, as well as medically reviewed articles.

Wrap up

Pregnancy has never been easy, and nine months can easily feel like a lifetime. The upside is that there is a long list of reliable apps that could be entirely helpful with tracking and monitoring the growth of your baby. This also includes providing information about your changing body. It will create a better connection to the baby developing inside you.

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