Tips to Using an App to Track your Pregnancy


The journey through pregnancy for nine months is not an easy-going job. The changes that come with pregnancy can sometimes cause panic to first-time mothers as they are unfamiliar with them. Well, even those with experiences can sometimes be surprised by some emotional twists. Technology has led to the rise of a couple of apps that help you monitor the embryonic development of your yet-to-be baby and body changes throughout this amazing period. The apps oftentimes ensure that you feel closer and much more connected with the little angel growing inside of your body. Get the best pregnancy mobile app if you want to enjoy every growth step without missing any milestone. Before you do so, please read on to learn the best tips when using the app.

Availability of iOS and Android

These two operating systems aid in the settings and navigation of your mobile apps. For you to install the best pregnancy app on your mobile phone, make sure your phone is an android phone, and it contains iOS. The operating system assures easy navigation of the app. It enables you to make all the necessary settings, such as notifications when your delivery date is due and other wake-up calls concerning pregnancy.

Average User Rating

We all know that when new apps are rolled out, few people know whether they are efficient or not. However, with a high user rating, not even a single doubt of efficiency exists. It automatically means that it is time to go for the app to make your gestation period smooth because you are well equipped with the correct answers and the right advice.

Fetal Development 3D Photos and Videos

Seeing the fetus’s movements in the womb is a breath-taking moment – it is the climax of the gestation period. An app that can take 3D photos and videos is all that a mother-to-be needs. These captions are essential in the pregnancy journey as they help you see real-life fetal development and growth. Exploit this feature and experience life-changing experiences with your unborn son or daughter.


For an app to be efficient, it has to consider the inclusivity of all phases of pregnancy and the beginning of parenting. A customized pregnancy timeline feature should be included in the app to remind you about the delivery date and notify you when you pass the first and second trimesters. It should also come with the inclusion of the baby kick counter and contraction timer. Staying updated when the baby will kick triggers anticipation to reassure that the baby is active and full of life.

The contraction timer is another feature you need to help prepare both physical and psychological states. They say that; when you expect something is better than when you are not. Thus, use this feature to reduce tension and perfectly prepare to deal with all pregnancy events.

Both your health and that of the baby during the gestation period are essential. Therefore, you must have support systems such as the best pregnancy apps to help you throughout the journey. The tips above will help you choose the best pregnancy app to use so that you are always informed, advised, and answered.

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