Tips When Buying Nursing Home Recliners


Seniors should be given almost everything they need to live a comfortable life, even when it means spending money for it. Sure, as long as you can afford, buying them everything they need is recommended, including nursing home recliners.

Whether you are running a nursing home or there is a senior living with you, you have to make sure that seniors are having the most comfortable and happy life. Their lives can be as hard as is, it can be because of their condition, different sicknesses and sadness that they are almost at the end of the stretch of their lives, hence, as someone who is capable, you have to give everything possible to make their lives still worthwhile.

If you think that the senior needs a nursing home recliner, do not hesitate to buy them with one. Sure, this gives them comfort, ease and convenience. Some are not buying this idea because they know recliners are expensive, but just so you know, not all recliners are.

There are recliners that are cheaper while there are some that are more expensive. You just have to source out and be very patient when comparing different brands, prices and the like. You can also opt to buy second hand, but if this is what you are planning to do, make sure that the reclining chair is still in best condition and shape or else, you might end up wasting your hard earned money.

Moving on, if you are finally convinced and decided about buying your most loved senior with a reclining chair, keep in mind that there are many factors you have to consider to make sure that you won’t get disappointed with your purchase. To help you in finding the best nursing home recliner for a senior, here are some of the things you have to consider:


The more durable the reclining chair is, the better. Of course, you want the chair to be highly durable especially if the senior’s weight is above the average. When it is broken while they are seated on it, there is a chance that they may get injured.

Also, you do not want to buy recliners again and again because the hardware of the chair keeps on breaking even with light weight. Checking on the capacity of the chair is also recommended if your senior has heavier weight than usual.


Comfort is also a very important factor you need to consider especially that the senior will seat on the chair almost the entire day. Make sure that you are choosing the most comfortable fabric and material, and ensure that the level of firmness is good enough for the senior to sit on it for a long while.

If you are shopping online, you may want to consider warranty or guarantee of service so in case the senior does not feel comfort when seating on the chair, you can return it and get your money back or get another chair.


If there is an option of the senior’s favorite color, then consider that. Give them the chance to sit on a chair that is styled according to their favorites. This factor may not be as important as others, but still considering it is a good idea.

Ease of maintenance

The easier the chair to maintain, the better. Sure, you do not want the senior waiting for a long time because the chair is not dry yet or because you are having a hard time cleaning or repairing the chair. The easier it is to maintain, the more recommended as it gives ease and comfort for seniors.

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