Tired of Boring Face Masks? Check Out These Multi-Use Masks

Since 2020 we have all became very familiar with face masks. They have become part of our everyday life. You need to have a mask anytime you leave the house. It may as well serve multiple uses.

What all Mask Must Do

When shopping for a face mask, particularly wholesale masks,  you want to make sure it fits snuggly to your face and covers your mouth and nose completely. This makes sure that the mask can stop any droplets that you produce from entering the air. 

Your face mask should also be made of two breathable layers of fabric. You also want to make sure that your mask is washable so that you can keep it clean. It is suggested that you have multiple masks so that you can wash them regularly.

Slap Bracelet / Face Mask

There are face masks on the market that can be used as slap bracelets when you don’t need them to cover your nose and mouth. These face masks look like any other mask when you are using them. They secure behind the ears and completely cover your nose and mouth. 

When you take this face mask off to eat you can easily fold it and slap it on your wrist. This means that you will not lose your mask and it allows you to keep the mask clean. These masks are very stylish and can be found in an array of patterns.

Headband / Face Mask

When choosing a multi-use face mask a popular choice is one that doubles as a headband. These masks look more like a gaiter when you are using them as a face mask. When you no longer need to use the mask you can simply push it up and it can be used as a stylish head band and keep your hair out of your face. 

Scrunchie / Face Mask

Another choice for a multi-use mask is one that can be used as either a mask or a scrunchie. When using this product as a mask it looks like a traditional mask. It will secure behind the ears and completely cover your mouth and nose. 

When you know longer need to wear the mask it is easily transformed into a scrunchie. This allows you to secure it in your hair. You can even secure it on your wrist if you prefer. This allows you to have it attached to you and means you will not lose it.

Being able to attach it to your wrist or hair also means that it will not end up on a dirty surface and become contaminated. It also keeps you from placing it in a purse or pocket that is full of germs. This mask allows you an option that keeps your mouth as clean as possible.

To Wrap it All Up

Now that you know what choices you have when it comes to purchasing a multi-use face mask. It is time for you to decide which one will fit your needs the best. The slap bracelet is fashionable but will have a very rigid shape. The head band will not give you as snug as of a fit as the other mask.

The scrunchie turns out to be a great choice as it gives you a snug and soft face mask and also provides you with a way to keep your face mask clean when you are not using it. Now it is time for you to purchase the mask that will work the best for you and make sure to protect yourself and your loved ones.