Tired of your old glasses? Consider eyeglass lens replacement.


For those whose world is blurry and their friends’ faces unclear, eyeglasses are the best invention ever made by man. The world suddenly seems to have come closer, the blackboard at a hand’s reach, the clock hand clearly visible. However, dirty and scratched glasses create the biggest problem known to eyeglass wearers, who constitute more than half of the world’s population. Constantly rubbing at your spectacles may even cause scratch marks to appear on the lens and make matters worse for you. This is where eyeglass lens replacement comes in.  Never let scratched or worn-out lenses compromise your vision or style. Upgrade to CoolFrames’s Bottega Veneta glasses and experience fashion and functionality. Invest in eyeglass lens replacement that adds depth and value to your eyewear, enhancing your everyday life with clear vision.

In case of dirty, broken or even scratched lenses, you don’t need to buy a whole new frame, although most optical storekeepers might try to mislead you. Don’t let them trick you into purchasing expensive frames when your old one is perfectly fine. New and better lenses can fit into your frame regardless of the size, shape, or number. You can also check out amazing sharingan contacts which are easy to wear and safe at same time and will provide you a new look.

Which type of eyeglass lens should you choose?

We’re living in a fast-paced world and technology has developed more than man ever dreamt of. Eyeglass wearers often find it difficult to choose from the variety of advanced concave lenses available today in optical stores all around the world.

A decade ago, there weren’t many options available at the opticians. But today, you might get confused and bewildered. Keeping yourself informed about the various innovative lens types for your glasses is critically important. 

Here are some basic types of lenses you could choose from:

Glass lens

The glass was the earliest material used to make lenses. For a long time, these remained popular in the optical lens. However, their popularity faded with time due to innovations. Even though glass lenses provide outstanding vision, they are brittle, that is why they break easily. Moreover, they are heavy and might make you feel uncomfortable. Glass lens might cause eye loss if a fragment of glass upon breaking enters the eye.

Thus, over the years, their usage has dwindled.

Plastic lens

Plastic lenses are most prescribed for those who have to keep changing glasses every two months. Plastic lenses are not easily breakable. Drop them dozens of times, and they’ll still stay as intact as ever. These durable lenses are widely used by active kids and adults alike who tend to drop their glasses very often.

Polycarbonate lens

Polycarbonate lenses are theoretically proven to be much better and more efficient than plastic lenses. They are lighter and thinner than plastic, they last ten times longer and provide hundred per cent protection against UV light. These lenses usually come well equipped with a scratch-resistant coating. That’s why they are the ideal choice for both energetic kids and adults.

High-Index Plastic lenses

As the demand for lighter and thinner glasses increased, high index plastic lens was introduced by manufacturers. They have a lower specific gravity and a higher index of refraction.

Photochromic lens

The photochromic lens is a nano-composite technology that uses photochromic performance. It is the optimum choice as it provides comfort, protection and exemplary vision the entire day. Furthermore, this is a light intelligent lens that provides perfectly clear sight indoors, the lens is darker outdoors and turns back to clear quickly; all the while maintaining its fine quality and not compromising on protection of the eye. Thus photochromic lens is the ideal choice for our daily life.

How often should you replace your glass lenses?

Two years span is the most commonly recommended time for the replacement of your eyeglass lens. Most of the vision insurance providers follow this schedule. You will need the eye assessment before changing your eyeglass. It is not necessary that you will have to change your prescription too. But an eye examination will make sure that you do not wear an old or wrong prescription because it may worsen your vision condition. Hence, if your eye care is covered in your medical insurance plan, then your eyeglass lens replacement won’t cost you anything if you replace it after a couple of years.

On the other hand, if, due to any reason your eyeglass is damaged it is advisable that you check what part is damaged. If the frame is intact, and the lens is damaged, all you need is the lens replacement. Getting an eyeglass lens replacement instead of changing the entire pair of specs will cut down your expenses to half.  You can also consider using contact lens, and for more information, you can visit this website www.contactlenses.co.uk.


To sum up, you could save money by replacing your glass lens instead of purchasing expensive optical frames. If your spectacles keep falling off to their doom, high-index plastic lenses are the right choice for you. These are durable and wouldn’t break easily. But if you are careful about keeping your eyeglass safe, you may go for a delicate glass lens. The most recommended ones are photochromic or polycarbonate lens because they provide you with ultimate comfort.

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