Tom Baskind Advocates for the Physically Challenged Once Again

Tom Baskind is stepping up again to help aid individuals afflicted by life-changing injuries or diseases through the Cycle to the Sea fundraiser. This year, he’s joining the annual Cycle to the Sea Fundraiser to back the Adaptive Sports & Adventures Program (ASAP) at the Atrium Health Foundation’s Carolinas Rehabilitation. His involvement dates back to 2013.

The cause holds a personal place in Thomas’ heart, as his close friend, Brian Muscarella, experienced a stroke that left him paralyzed from the chest downward. It was at Atrium Health Carolinas Rehabilitation that Brian channeled his energy into healing. Observing Brian’s resolve, especially during the demanding 180-mile Cycle to the Sea journey spanning three days, Thomas was deeply inspired and became a passionate participant.

Scheduled for October 19-21, 2023, the Cycle to the Sea fundraiser will commence in Monroe, North Carolina at Atrium Health Union and conclude in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A diverse group, including volunteers, adapted bikers, able-bodied supporters, and ASAP staff, will come together to champion the cause.

Since its inception in 1999, the event has made remarkable progress. Cycle to the Sea directly benefits competitive and recreational sports for those with physical challenges.

In addition to cycling, the ASAP initiative provides support for various sports such as water skiing, rugby, kid triathlons, curling, tennis, and hand-cycling. The primary objective is to integrate volunteers, administrative teams, and those with physical disabilities in physically demanding activities, promoting a culture of inclusiveness.

As a charitable organization, Carolinas Rehabilitation relies on fundraisers like ASAP to aid patients dealing with critical health challenges. Tom Baskind’s dedication to this virtuous mission is unwavering. If you’re moved to assist, consider joining the upcoming Cycle to the Sea from October 19-21, 2023, or by making a contribution. Thomas sincerely appreciates all the support.