Too Hot During the Summer Months? Here Are 3 Ways a Heating and Cooling Company Can Fix Your Air Con


Your AC acts as a circulatory system for your house. It controls your house’s climate and air quality, ensuring that you have the right temperature and moisture level to live comfortably.

But just like any other household appliance, your AC can break down, sometimes when you need it to function the most. And since HVAC systems are not a simple appliance that the average homeowner can simply DIY, it’s easy to feel helpless if the system stops working.

Trying to fix the AC system on your own is not the best approach. You might tinker with expensive components of the system, leading to even more damage that will set you back a few more hundred, if not thousands in dollars.

For this reason, you need a professional HVAC repair company to sort out the problem. This article explains three ways heating and cooling St. George, UT, repair companies can get your AC working in no time.

1. Regulate Inconsistent Humidity Levels in the House

Changes in humidity are expected through the year as seasons change. But the humidity levels in your house should remain steady. Otherwise, there’s an issue with your HVAC’s humidity control.

Low humidity can be hard to notice since it’s more of a feeling. However, detecting high humidity is quite easy since there will be more condensation on your windows.

A heating and cooling company in St. George, UT, can do either of the four things to fix your AC:

  • Clean your air filter to remove dirt and dust from your evaporator coil
  • Install a thermal expansion valve to make the evaporator coil more efficient
  • Configure your fan speed

2. Fix Weird Sounds Coming From Your HVAC System

An HVAC system that’s working properly should be relatively silent, so if you can hear rattles and weird sounds from your HVAC system when it’s running, you could have an issue.

It might be a loose belt or bolt or something more serious. Instead of tearing the system apart to find the source of the noise, let a qualified expert inspect your machine to tighten loose parts or replace anything that might be damaged.

Only a professional can do a proper tune-up, so your HVAC system runs smoothly and quietly.

3. Get Rid of Burning Smells

If you can detect a weird burning smell coming from your AC, vent, or furnace, you need to get in touch with a repair company as soon as you can.

A slight burning odor when you turn an AC unit on after a long time is normal. But if it lasts longer than it ideally should and is similar to the smell of rotten eggs, you need to turn off the system and call a professional. The smell could indicate a small mechanical problem, but it could also signify a potential gas leak or fire.

Trouble With Your Heating and Cooling? St. George, UT, Has Many Repair Companies You Can Try

Having an inefficient AC system during the warm months of summer can be incredibly stressful, not to mention the unbearable heat already wearing you down. As such, hire a reputable AC company to inspect your system regularly to make sure your system is working efficiently at all times.



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