Top 10 Brands Emphasizing Future on Sustainable Brand Activities


Brands have been preaching the idea of sustainability for a long time. There were companies who were actively highlighting and promoting the idea of sustainability as their prior mission. However, only a few of them actually follow it in their business operation.

Being sustainable in general means- socially, environmentally, and economically responsible that significantly helps in building a greater trust and confidence among consumers. According to Nielsen, 66% consumers are likely to buy a product if it comes from a sustainable brand. So, a company with a focus on adopting and implementing sustainable manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and supply chain practices would undoubtedly revolutionize the future of branding and – how they are perceived.

Whether it is eco-friendly marketing ideas, supporting nature, contributing to human cause, addressing social issues, or reducing the global carbon footprints, there are ways through which brands can make a phenomenal impact on every aspect of society. However– it is only possible if companies are conscious and willing to make a stand for causes – keeping the fact of changing consumer perception and behavior in mind.

To inspire you, we have put together a list of top brands that have made big attempts in transforming the picture of communities. Let’s check them out.

1. Starbucks

Starbucks has been for years in the fast food industry. Prominent for its signature coffees and beverages – over the past years – the brand has developed an image as a socially responsible business. Whether it is serving coffee in recyclable containers, or, eliminating straws from the iconic iced beverage with recyclable lids – the company has stepped out to not leave any stone unturned in their commitment to reduce environmental footprints. Starbucks have already figured out that innovation and adaptability is fundamental to prosper in the industry with changing consumer behavior.

2. Kiwi Retail

Kiwi Retail is among the few names who have taken crucial steps to ensure that the brand image highlights and addresses the pro-social message. With their standard business practices aimed at providing consumers with a choice that is ecologically and environmentally sensitized. The future of retail would be in the hand of millennial and baby-boomers that are quite conscious where they want to spend money. And many of them want to go with companies that embrace nature and address social issues. And – Kiwi Retail is on their way to make responsible shopping decisions.

3. Tesla

Tesla group needs no introduction – after extending their arms in multiple industries. Tesla has put a substantial emphasis on their goal to change the World by making products that are sustainable in nature. The great success of this company has been proved in 2020, when Tesla has been added to the S&P500 list, and Tesla stock has increased by over 695% in one year only. Whether it is electric cars, or solar projects, Elon Musk owned company is doing a wonderful job to build a future that will flourish on clean energy.

4. Telenor

Telenor is not a new name in the telecommunication industry. With many major contributions, Telenor emerged as a responsible brand in the telecommunication category to act sustainably. In its recent commitment, it is providing global connectivity to sustainable micro-factories with its IoT accelerator in collaboration with Ericson. This is absolutely significant in stepping-up operation of factories that run entirely on clean fuel.

5. Tine

Tine a Norwegian dairy product major set a wonderful example for companies across the world. With the assistance of advanced technology and innovation in the food production industry, the company achieved a breakthrough not only in environmentally safer milk production but also delivering them in packaging that is renewable and eco-friendly. There are dairy products that companies market using sustainable raw materials such as cardboards which eventually reduce plastic consumption and energy waste.

6. Adidas

Adidas – the global sports goods manufacturer truly exemplifies how brands can strike a balance in their brand activities. Adidas that operates in more 90 countries and produces around 900 million sports gear annually is often challenged by several aspects of constantly keeping the business functioning. But the brand did not let this challenge come in their way to shape the lives of people and the communities. By encouraging – standard sustainable business practices across its omni-channel activities such as manufacturing, processing, and supply chain – they are adding value to human civilization and keeping their footprint on the environment minimal as possible. This is apparently a remarkable way to be environmentally conscious.


IKEA – the multinational furniture maker is known for its hallmark customizable furniture that got them worldwide attention. For years, the brand has brought comfort in the life of modern home lovers to a different level. Now – they are on the path to provide sustainable living in a bid to reduce waste –we produce non-essentially in our everyday life. In a recent push to make this happen, the company decided to remove non-rechargeable batteries from its store to inspire consumers to reduce waste.

8. Stormberg

Stormberg is a major outdoor and sports clothing producer. The company is among the responsible names striving to provide stylish clothing to the next generation with minimum environmental impact. Indeed, nothing could be a better way to reach out to new generation people who themselves want to make a mark with their actions. And it could be shopping from a responsible brand as well.

9. Norwegian Airlines

Airline industry is perhaps overburdened with people from across the world that keeping track and inhibiting environmental degradation is close to impossible. However, Norewegian airlines have kept their doors open for ideas to promote cleaner and healthier lifestyles.

10. Microsoft

Microsoft – the tech major vowed to turnaround lives across the World by changing the way it operates. It has already made decent attempts to become climate negative when it launched its global biodiversity programme. The company has already endeavored remove more carbon from atmosphere through their cloud innovation fund. Recently, they also pledged to replenish more water by 2030 than they consumer in cloud computing and software business. Water conservation is itself an incredible initiative and with the lights of MultiNational brands such as Microsoft – it is a great way to transform the lives of millions of people.

The Bottom Line

Constant change is a sign of progress. As the consumer perception, behavior, and shopping pattern are evolving, companies would need radical innovation in transitioning to changes that would revolve around an energy efficient and environment friendly world.

Afterall, the future cannot be built without human health and prosperity in mind. Organizations that readily instill those changes in their business operation would certainly outperform the others in the longer run.

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