Top 10 Coolest Wine Storage Ideas At Home


Wine’s taste and value get better with age, but proper handling is very important to keep the wine away from deterioration. To keep the wine stored at home try to make the best and safe storage places to keep the flavor of the wine retain. All the wine lovers out there know the importance of adding variety to their storage to tickle the taste buds upon enjoying. With proper handling and storage of wine it can be kept safe for years, or even centuries. But the poor storage can destroy the finest Italian wines in the world.

Select the best storage ideas for wine at home that can go complementary with your space. Fine wine storage ideas can add beauty to your space as well with proper décor. To preserve a good taste store your wine in a cool and dry place. Light, temperature, and humidity also greatly impact the wine. But above all these, the quality of wine primarily depends on the kind of grapes that you will use. 

Light can be destructive

Various factors affect the taste of wine and react with phenolic compounds in the wine leads to faulty wine, especially sunlight. That’s why it is always preferable to pack the wine in light green or blue colored bottles instead of the clear ones.

Keep the humidity checked

Humidity greatly impacts the longevity of your wine. More the humidity more will be the chances of deterioration. With lower humidity, the corks of wine dry out and make the wine exposed to the oxygen effect. It is always better to store your wine at a place with moderate humidity.

Check the temperature properly

Temperature is the most important factor which can impact wine quality. Choose the best place with lesser fluctuation of temperature where the wine has been stored to retain wine quality. To protect the wine from spoilage never choose the area with unstable cold and warm temperatures. Wine should never be kept above 20°C or below -4°C to avoid the acceleration of the aging process and to protect from freezing. 13°C is the ideal temperature to store the wine for the long term or short term storage. It is always recommended to keep the wine at a stable temperature to prevent the cork from shrinking or expanding, protecting from air seeping in or out causing wine spoilage.

Try to keep bottles horizontal

To retain the wine quality try to go with the best wine storage ideas for home those are more efficient to keep your wine good in taste. Because wine bottles are usually with cork, by keeping them horizontally you can avoid any spillage. Cork bottles usually do no spill except for the weather condition causing the cork to shrink or expand causing premature aging. By keeping your wine bottles horizontally, you can access them easily saving the maximum space.

The right temperature to serve

All wine lovers are well aware of the necessity of chilling the wine to enjoy the divine taste of wine at its maximum. When you are planning to serve a bottle to your fellow, family, or lover, give your bottle a maximum time to reach the right temperature to ensure the full flavor and aroma. To serve a right wine temperature slightly below somewhere between 12°C- 19°C is the best.

Wine specific fridge

It is always recommended to store your wine fine in a cool and dry place with proper humidity somewhere in your kitchen or any other area of your home to increase the shelf life. But if you do not have such a proper wine storage place to retain the wine quality you can buy a fridge specifically designed for wine. That fridge retains the temperature between 10°C to 15°C, unlike any other refrigerator. These specific refrigerators maintain the proper humidity along with temperature to keep your wine in the best condition.

Along with buying and enjoying, proper storage is an additional and important part of wine handling. You can choose from below the best-suited ideas for your wine storage

Wall with a round cavity for keeping wine bottles

wine bottel

Slim vertical storage for wines 

slime storage

Large capacity storage for wines

large capacity

Smart Kitchen Island for wine storage

smart kitchen

Concrete wall with holes for storage 

wall with storage

Wine storage within kitchen cabinet

kitchn cabinet for storage

Wall-mounted wooden shelves

wall mounted storage

Under stairs space-saving storage

Under stairs

Wall-mounted metal shelves for storage with holders

metal shelves

 Industrial kitchen copper metal dowels

Industrial kitchen copper metal dowels


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