Top 10 Gambling Movies of All Times

Watching movies is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Currently there are so many different titles and genres on the market that literally anyone can find something they’d enjoy. So, if you don’t only enjoy watching movies but are quite invested in gambling as well, buckle up. Here’s a list of top 10 gambling movies of all times you’re bound to enjoy. Check them out.

Molly’s Game

Anyone who’s ever heard about Molly Bloom will instantly understand why this movie made the cut. Molly Bloom, an Olympic-class skier, was in a horrible accident that made her end her skiing career. After such a loss, Molly decided to turn her attention elsewhere and that’s when she discovered underground poker. Following continuous success, Molly becomes well known for her high-stakes games as well as the crowd she manages to attract. Needless to say, the main plot of this movie is actually Molly Bloom’s real-life story.


A very engaging movie with quite a simple name, 21 follows a group of MIT students trying to execute their ingenious idea. To be very brief, the idea revolves around trying to scam Las Vegas casinos by counting cards while playing blackjack. The students came up with the idea to try and gather enough money for one of their friends – the protagonist, Ben Campbell – so that he can afford to pay his Harvard Medical School tuition. OF course, things go quite astray quite fast. This is another title that’s based on a true story and it promises a lot of fun and nerve-wracking moments.

Snake Eyes

If any of you out there love Nicolas Cage, make sure you check out Snake Eyes. Here, Cage plays a very interesting role of a shady detective. He’s assigned to investigate a suspicious bookmaker and find out about everything that’s going on. Needless to say, you can expect plenty of action and thrilling moments in this movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end. Toped off with a masterful performance by Cage, Snake Eyes is definitely a must-watch.

The Gambler

The Gambler is a crime drama set in Los Angeles. The story follows a university professor who’s set out on a self-destruction spree and uses gambling as a means to achieve his goal. The professor’s luck is all but existing which puts him in various bad, yet entertaining situations. Without spoiling too much, there’s arguably the best gambling scene towards the end of the movie that will certainly get your blood pumping. So, make sure you check it out if crime dramas coupled with gambling suit your taste.


Croupier is a rather interesting movie with an unexpected twist regarding the main, or rather the point of view character. Most gambling movies are usually shot through the eyes of the gambler, but in Croupier the audience is faced with various gamblers’ stories as seen from the other side. This movie offers a different perspective when it comes to the world of gambling which may fans find to be quite refreshing. It’s not every day that viewers get to experience Las Vegas from an entirely different point of view.

Win It All

Jake Johnson, who plays Eddie in Win It All, is one day approached by a shady local criminal who hands him a huge bag and asks him to keep it safe. To Eddie’s surprise, the bag is full of money. In normal cases this wouldn’t be a problem, but Eddie is a gambler and makes a poor decision to gamble the money away. Needless to say, this becomes an even bigger problem when Eddie is expected to give the money back. Since all of this is packed in only the first 10 minutes of the movie, it becomes quite clear that this is one of those movies that will hold you glued to the screen. Watch Eddie as he desperately tries to gather the money he owes and even falls in love somewhere along the way.

Guns, Girls and Gambling

Guns, Girls and Gambling is a true movie masterpiece. The story revolves around an invaluable artifact that somehow ends up being gambled away. Throughout the course of the movie, various individuals are set out to try and be the first to chase down the artifact. Throw into the mix a group of Elvis impersonators, cowboys, Indians a corrupt cop and a prostitute who are all chasing after the artifact and you’ve got yourself a real treat. If you’ve enjoyed Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels then you will most certainly enjoy Guns, Girls, and Gambling.

Bachelor Party Vegas

The sole name of the movie – Bachelor Party Vegas – is probably more than enough to get you hooked. Here, a group of friends is headed to Las Vegas to throw an amazing bachelor’s party for their fiend that about to get married. Unfortunately, the wedding planner they’ve booked for the job turns out to be a bank robber. So, needless to say, things go quite wrong quite fast. However, as in any other gambling comedy, things find a way of working out in the end.

James Bond: Casino Royale

James Bond: Casino Royale is a comedy that’s revolves around a retired “original James Bond 007”. Here, our favorite 007 agent is being pulled out of his retirement and asked to help and bring more light to mysterious deaths of other agents. The reason behind these mysterious deaths will leave you giggling and the movie itself will have you in tears throughout. So, definitely make sure to check it out.

The Hangover

The chances that you haven’t already heard of The Hangover are quite low. Although last on the list, this is probably the best comedy movies set in Las Vegas – aside from its sequels. Again, a group of guys is headed to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. Aside from all the things that happen to them along the way – such as losing the bachelor somewhere in Las Vegas – they also get the chance to meet the legendary Mike Tyson. Full of stellar actors, interesting characters, unbelievable plot twists and edgy humor, The Hangover is a true gem.

Although brief, some of these rundowns will hopefully tickle your imagination enough to go and check some of these titles out.