Top 10 Historic Horse Races That Shaped the Sport


Horse racing is one of the most widely watched sports worldwide, and it’s been around since ancient times. Medieval movies even depict people who have relished the pulsing adrenaline of this sport for hundreds of years. 

There have been some exquisite moments in the history of horse racing that have completely engraved the sport into the hearts of fans. In this post, we shall discuss the top ten of these iconic moments.

Top 10 Historic Horse Races That’ll Never Be Forgotten

When it comes to horse races, several have become well-known on the racing calendar. In fact, to further enjoy these events, some punters place wagers on options like King George VI odds, among others. But these are a few head-turning moments in certain races, which we have listed below.

Belmont Stakes, 1973 – The Secretariat

In 1973, the Secretariat was widely regarded as one of the best racehorses of all time for its unbelievable wins. The secretariat’s victory in the contest was quite astounding. 

He triumphed by an unprecedented margin of 31 lengths, significantly outpacing his competitors. He is the current holder of three records: the fastest Belmont, the fastest Kentucky Derby, and the quickest Preakness Stakes ever recorded.

Belmont Stakes, 2015 – American Pharoah

American Pharoah broke a 37-year dry spell by winning the Triple Crown in 2015. This intriguing horse won the Belmont Stakes in a manner never seen before. It had a tough beginning, but it managed to take the lead closer to the finish and hold on to win the race. 

Kentucky Derby, 2009 – Mind That Bird

Mind That Bird was considered an underdog at the 2009 Kentucky Derby, as he had 50-1 odds of winning. However, he managed to pull off a victory that many people though wasn’t possible. Truly one of the best wins in the history of the Kentucky Derby.

Belmont Stakes, 1998 – Victory Gallop vs Real Quiet

During this thrilling race, it seemed like Real Quiet was going to win as they reached the final stretch. However, Victory Gallop made a strong comeback and the two horses ended up finishing the race in a very close. It was an exciting nose-to-nose battle. 

Victory Gallop managed to secure the win from a photo finish, followed by Real Quiet, who came incredibly close. He lost by the smallest margin ever recorded in Belmont Stakes history!

Belmont Stakes, 2002 – Sarava

In 2002, Sarvara managed to pull off an incredible victory, even though the odds were stacked against it at 70-1. He managed to win with the biggest underdog in the history of the Belmont Stakes. Surely one for this list of top 10 historical moments. 

Belmont Stakes, 1989 – Easy Goer vs Sunday Silence  

In the thrilling race between these two horses, Easy Goer managed to surge ahead and claim the lead at the last stretch. Before American Pharoah claimed the spot, he had the record for the second-fastest time in the Belmont Stakes.

Belmont Stakes, 2004 – Birdstone vs Smarty Jones

In this race, Birdstone was considered a long shot with odds of 36-1. Still, the horse made a remarkable comeback in the final stretch and emerged as the winner. He managed to overtake the favourite, Smarty Jones, at the last moment, securing the victory.

Belmont Stakes, 1978 – Affirmed vs Alydar

The rivalry between Affirmed and Alydar is considered one of the greatest in the history of horse racing. In the 1978 Belmont Stakes, their skills were truly tested as two legendary horses faced off in an epic showdown. Affirmed ultimately took the victory on this day.

Preakness Stakes, 2005 – Afleet Alex

In 2005, Afleet Alex was at loggerheads with the champion, Scrappy T. In the final stretch of the race, Scrappy T got upset and accidentally bumped into Afleet Alex, causing their heels to touch. 

As a result, Afleet Alex came close to falling, and his jockey was almost sent flying off. But, even with the setback, Afleet Alex managed to come out on top and win the Preakness Stakes.

Belmont Stakes, 2016 – Creator

Creator wasn’t considered a favourite in the 2016 Belmont Stakes. However, he managed to prove the crowd wrong and ended up winning. During the race, Creator found himself trailing behind most of the other horses. He didn’t manage to take the lead until the final part of the race where he snook a cheeky win for the Belmont Stakes 2016.

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