Top 10 Interesting Facts About Facebook

We all know that Facebook is the top social media website. If you do “Like” Facebook, then you’ll be fascinated to know some of its fun facts:

Zuckerberg is "4." Enter this address: and you'll be automatically redirected to Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook profile

Although Facebook boasts over 300 million active users, nearly 10% of it consists of fake accounts

If you're addicted to Facebook, you could be suffering Facebook Addiction Disorder

Why is Facebook blue? Because Zuckerberg is color-blind, and blue is the only color he can see best

Iceland re-wrote its constitution through Facebook

83% of prostitutes have Facebook accounts to ply their services

Steve Chen used to work for Facebook for several months before quitting to start a video-sharing website, which is now the famous YouTube

Facebook is one of the biggest photo-sharing websites. Actually, Zuckerberg didn't want to add photo-sharing to Facebook, and it took a lot of mighty convincing before he finally agreed to it

Facebook is one of the reasons for divorce. In 2011 third of divorce filings mentioned the word Facebook

Facebook used to be "The Facebook." During its The Facebook days, a pixilated face was displayed on its homepage. That face belonged to actor Al Pacino