Top 10 most luxurious places in the world


How many times has our imagination made us travel to paradisiacal places and go on adventures in great detail?

How many times have we dreamed of receiving a lottery prize from, or a great inheritance, that allows us to make this list come true to go on the golden trips that millionaires take?

Surely there are places in the world where glamor and luxury coexist 24 hours a day, passing time, or better yet not passing it, enjoying an unforgettable experience.

If spending money is no problem, and the most luxurious is your goal to enjoy, then you may want to know the top 10 most luxurious places in the world.

1. Musha Cay, in the Bahamas

It is a semi-private island, formerly owned by David Copperfield. Musha Cay is surrounded by three smaller islands that seem to serve as a shell and enclosure for this wonder of nature.

Just a 40 minute flight from Miami, it’s a restricted paradise where a maximum capacity of 24 people are allowed.

Another possibility is to rent the whole island for a maximum of 12 people to the tune of $ 40,000 per week.

2. Shinta Mani Wild resort

Inspired by a safari through the Cambodian jungle, this luxury resort is made up of around fifteen tents in striking colors that contrast with the greenery of the jungle.

Perched high on the mountainside itself, to allow wildlife at its feet. They have outdoor bathtubs to enjoy wonderful views.

This resort offers an exquisite spa, a relaxing swimming pool, and a fleet of small, fully-equipped, luxury boats to explore the surrounding waterways.

3. Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates

With an ultra-modern architecture, with a lively nightlife, and luxurious shops, Dubai offers things like taken from the thousand and one nights:

  • The Burj Khalifa, 860m. high offers spectacular views.
  • Palm Jumeirah artificial island off the coast with private beaches.
  • The Burj Al Arab is the only hotel in the world with a 7-star category, with prices ranging between 2,500 and 50,000 US dollars per night.
  • Cayan Tower, a futuristic-looking construction with a 90º turn.
  • The Dubai Canal an artificial construction of 3.2 km that connects Dubai with the Persian Gulf.
  • Dubai Mall more than a shopping center with 1,300 stores, 200 restaurants, a theme park covered, an ice rink, an aquarium, and an underwater zoo,
  • Dubai Marina, the largest artificial marina in the world.

4. Maharajah Pavilion of the Raj Palace, Jaipur, India

The Raj Palace Hotel is the former palace of the Maharaja. It was faithfully rebuilt respecting the majesty and original charm of the palace. Packed with antiques from the Raja era.

To truly feel like a king in your palace, the suite Raj Palace in Jaipur, is living a waking dream.

5. Highlands Camp, Ngorongoro Area, (Tanzania)

5. Highlands Camp, Ngorongoro Area, (Tanzania)

A perfect combination of safari and luxury. Enjoy nature in all its splendor, with a fantastic climate, while tasting a first-rate restaurant.

The camp has eight canvas suites with vaulted glass roofs to enjoy the grandeur of the sky at night as it cannot be enjoyed in other situations and places.

One of the spectacular visits that can be made, in addition to the photographic safaris, is to visit the soda lake in the Empakaai crater where thousands of pink flamingos congregate.

6. Fogo Island Inn in Canada

On a remote island in Newfoundland (Canada), where the world seems to end, there is a hotel called the luxurious Fogo Island Inn.

A super modern building built on large piles on the rugged north coast of the island, an area of ​​large steep rocks.

Even being so far away, it is not exactly cheap to be able to stay there. It can be shared with local artists, architects, fishermen, and artisans alike, in addition to the more adventurous travelers. The price of a stay is approximately € 3,100 per night.

All rooms have a fully glazed wall, so you can see the whales from your bed (or from the bathtub) if you prefer.

7. The W Maldives resort offers to “buy” the island for nights

The W Maldives resort offers to “buy” the island for nights

W Maldives is a luxury resort on a private island overlooking the Indian Ocean, just one hour by plane from Sri Lanka. It has villas with glass floors and direct access to the sea.

The island’s “purchase” package includes enjoying the 78 rooms, all the places to dine, food and drink in free flow, enjoying the Spa without limits during the opening hours, the practice of unlimited water sports, and Seaplane transfers to and from the resort.

Prices range from US $4 million for 4 nights, to US $6.25 million for 7 nights.

8. The Trans-Siberian Golden Eagle Express

If there is a myth in train travel, this is without a doubt taking the trip on the Trans-Siberian Golden Eagle.

They tell stories of these trips that cross the iconic Russian roads with all the glamor and luxury of details. It’s like living an adventure in a hotel on wheels that travels through Russia, Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and many more.

A leisurely two-week journey across eight time zones, allowing plenty of time to enjoy this unique journey.

Two weeks of travel in the Imperial Suite starts at US $30,000.

9. 38,000 km around the world in 51 days

An exciting journey that begins and ends in London offered by Great Rail Journeys, for 30,000 euros.

The trip consists of crossing the heart of America to the west coast, crossing the Pacific to Asia, and China to visit the Great Wall and the Warriors of Xian.

Before boarding the Tsar’s Gold train and traveling through Russia, visit Mongolia, and from there move on to central Europe and the penultimate destination in Venice to board the luxurious Simplon Orient Express and arrive at London Victoria Station.

10. The Pikaia Hostel in Ecuador

We are talking about a luxurious hotel built of volcanic lava and steel, on top of craters and overlooking the Pacific Ocean and only 8 km from Cerro Crocket and El Garrapatero beach.

All rooms have floor-to-ceiling glass walls and terraces to enjoy panoramic views of the Galapagos National Park.

Inside the hotel, you can breathe an ecological environment and it is not surprising that upon walking through its facilities, the guest may come face to face with a giant tortoise.

A week’s stay in the pool suite at the lodge has a minimum price of US $ 10,200 per person, plus extras, such as the possibility of day trips on a private yacht.

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