Top 10 Myths About Buying YouTube Views

When one is talking about YouTube, it is needless to say that the number of views counts. In addition, the number of watch time also matters to increase the number of views. However, there are some YouTube channel owners that take a shortcut to increase the number of views. That shortcut is about buying YouTube views.

When it comes to buying something, many people consider them bots and try to avoid them. However, there are multiple myths about buying YouTube views that have zero evidence. So, in this article, we are shedding light on different myths associated with Buy YouTube views. Have a look and clear out the confusion that you’ve had about it! But you can also open the following link if you want to buy watch time from a trusted site.


The random website on Google isn’t authorized to tell you if using the paid views is going to land you in the bars. There is no way buying the YouTube views is illegal irrespective of form and shape. According to YouTube Terms of Service, bots and people tricking aren’t allowed but they cannot be named illegal in any case.

Deletion & Removal

Many people have a misconception that if they buy a paid view for their YouTube video, YouTube will remove the video from the platform. The videos can get deleted but that’s only if you have monetized your channel. Moreover, if you are going to buy the views, you need to choose a high-quality supplier that provides organic views because they don’t harm the quality or reputation.


The video might get deleted if you have monetized the video but there is no way that YouTube is going to ban your channel. The engagement might be harmed for some time but you will be able to retain it back as well.

Stuck At 301

There are many people saying that YouTube will stop making your video public once you have reached the viewer count of 301. YouTube will check the video for the authenticity of the videos but they won’t make it inaccessible for the public.


There are many people who think that paid views are generated by the automated sources but if you are choosing the right supplier, you will get the organic and true views. In other words, they will be paid for watching your video which is no way false. You can also buy ads and impressions. There are people offering false impressions while some of them offer lethal ones. So, make sure the supplier is authentic.


Not all the paid views are the same. For instance, there are suppliers that provide organic views for money while some incorporate the bots. So, make sure your purchased views are organic and don’t have the bots in them. In other words, the views need to be humanized.

Likes & Comments

When you ask for the paid views, there are high chances that you will receive comments and likes along with it. The increased number of likes and comments is proof of social authenticity. However, the likes and comments aren’t incorporated by the false paid views and bots.


There are some lethal suppliers that ensure authenticity through comments as well. The bad suppliers use the generic comments but if the supplier is good, you will get customized comments and the quality will be enhanced as well.

Top Channels

There is a huge misconception that top YouTube channel owners don’t buy the views but the truth is, they all buy the views.

YouTube Views

Buying the paid views on YouTube is one thing but one must never rely on it for increasing the number of views, subscribers, likes, and comments. In other words, buying the views might be helpful but it cannot be named as the one-stop-shop solution for every YouTube channel needs.