Top 10 Premier League goal scorers of all time


The Premier League became the top division in England since 1992 and in that time there have been a whole host of legendary players who have graced the top flight. However, who are the all-time goal scorers in the division? For more info about football matches and teams, you can check out idxgoal and stay updated with fresh soccer news.

10. Michael Owen

  • Years Active- 1996-2013
  • Played for- Liverpool, Newcastle United, Manchester United and Stoke City
  • Goals Scored- 150

The former Ballon d’or winner creeps in at number 10 just ahead of another England striker Les Ferdinand. Owen was known for his lethal finishing and playing off the shoulder of the defender, leaving them for dead and giving the goalkeeper no chance.

Owen won the Premier League once with Manchester United in the 2010-11 season.

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9. Jermain Defoe

  • Years Active- 2000-2020
  • Played for- West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur, Portsmouth, Sunderland, and Bournemouth
  • Goals Scored- 162

Another England striker who was known for his pace. Defoe would be able to use his blistering pace to beat the robust defenders who would be play heavily against him so he did not have space but it was to no avail. Defoe score 162 goals mainly for Tottenham in three different spells.

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8. Robbie Fowler

  • Years Active- 1992-2009
  • Played for- Liverpool, Leeds United, Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers
  • Goals Scored-163

They call him God in Liverpool. The Toxteth born striker light up the Liverpool youth team and was quickly a household name after his first season in 1993/94 after finding the net 12 times. Fowler was arguably the most gifted finisher of his generation.

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7. Harry Kane

  • Years Active- -2012- Present
  • Played for- Tottenham Hotspur and Norwich City (Loan)
  • Goals Scored- 169*

Fifth place might not the be final place for the current England captain as he is still firing in goals for Tottenham. All his goals have come for the London club despite a short loan spell at Norwich City. With three goals so far this season the 28-year-old will be hoping to add some more goals to catch up with the other England legends ahead of him.

With Kane finding his form again, new gambling sites are offering great odds for him to finish the top goal scorer this year.

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6. Thierry Henry

  • Years Active- 1999-2012
  • Played for- Arsenal
  • Goals Scored- 175

What is the French for va va voom? Henry was cool, slick, and possibly the best foreign import to ever grace the Premier League. The Arsenal man is immortalised outside the home of Arsenal in the form of a statue.

If ever there was an all-round striker, it was certainly Henry who never finished a full season with less than ten goals in the Premier League. Henry lifted the Premier League trophy twice.

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5. Frank Lampard

  • Years Active-1995-2015
  • Played for- West Ham United, Chelsea and Manchester City
  • Goals Scored- 177

The only midfielder on the list is Frank Lampard. The central midfielder was so good at arriving late into the box and smashing the ball home people never wanted him to arrive in time. He drove Chelsea to back-to-back titles in 2004/05 and 2005/06. He even managed to help Chelsea to a third in 2009/10.

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4. Sergio Aguero

  • Years Active-2011-2021
  • Played for- Manchester City
  • Goals Scored- 184

Possibly the most important signing that Manchester City ever made in the Premier League era. Like Henry, apart from an injury ravaged last season, he hit double figures each year at City. He helped City to five league titles including the dramatic last-minute winner against QPR that handed the title to the blue side of Manchester in 2011/12.

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3. Andy Cole

  • Years Active- 1993-2008
  • Played for-Newcastle United, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Fulham, Manchester City, Portsmouth and Sunderland
  • Goals Scored- 187

Cole was incredibly deadly in the box and was an ever present in the Premier League creating havoc in the opposition box. His constant movement and ability to be in the right place at the right time has put him rightly third in the list. All these goals and none of them from the penalty spot.

He was signed by Manchester United for a transfer record fee but that paid off when he lifted the trophy five times.

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2. Wayne Rooney

  • Years Active- 2002-2018
  • Played for- Everton and Manchester United
  • Goals Scored- 208

Wayne Rooney may only be second in the list, but he is Manchester United’s top goal scorer of all time. The former boy wonder burst onto the scene for Everton but was quickly snapped up by Manchester United where he spent years punishing defenders from all angles.

Just like Andy Cole he helped United to five league titles, albeit in completely different seasons.

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1. Alan Shearer

  • Years Active- 1992-2006
  • Played for- Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United
  • Goals Scored-260

At number one is the England striker who turned down Sir Alex Ferguson twice. Alan Shearer could hit them hard, place them and head them into the goal. With 260 goals in the Premier League, it will be hard to see anyone beating his record. Shearer makes it into every Premier League all time side.

He won the Premier League once with Blackburn Rovers in 1994/95. Like Henry, he is immortalised outside his boyhood club Newcastle United.

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