Top 10 Reasons You Should See Live Theater


You settle into your chair as the overhead lights dim, and the audience’s excited chatter turns to silence. The performers walk out into the spotlight as their voices fill the room. Live theater is an experience like no other. Even if you don’t feel like plays and musicals are for you, you might be surprised. A trip to the theater is so much more than just a show. There are several reasons to keep live theater alive.

The Experience

From start to finish, going to the theater is an immersive experience. If you want a truly special night, consider a show in Oslo or your nearest city. It can be a combination of sophistication and fun. The energy as you join the crowd gathering under the marquee is palpable. You’ll be ushered inside where you can grab a drink, get a snack, and take some pictures before settling in. You get to feed off the energy of like-minded patrons all through the night.

The Clothes

A trip to the theater is a reason to dress to impress. There are not many places left where you get to put on your classiest dress or suit. You get the opportunity to impress your date or get dolled-up with your friends. Looking the part makes you delve deeper into the experience. It’s also enjoyable to observe others’ outfits.

The Venue

Theaters themselves can be architecturally stunning. They are more than your standard auditorium. Classic theaters are a work of art. Be prepared to see things like chandeliers, velvet seats, grand staircases, gold gilding, and plush carpets. The magnitude of the theater is breathtaking as well.

The Beauty

The beauty extends beyond the venue. Professional costumes and makeup transform actors and actresses into different people right before your eyes. A good performance will also have no detail overlooked when it comes to sets. It’s magical to watch one stage be turned into several scenes. Elaborate backdrops, roll away walls, and more will transport you into the story.

The Acoustics

Theaters are built a certain way to have spectacular acoustics. You can’t replicate how the music and voices radiate and echo through the room. The sound will clearly travel all the way from the stage to the back row of the theater.

The Talent

Theater performers have tremendous talent. Unlike film actors, they get no second take or edits. Everything must be as perfect as possible while they’re doing it. You can’t help but admire their ability to act, sing, and dance for hours without failing.

The Emotions

Seeing a live show involves a lot of emotion for the performers as well as the audience. Being present is different than viewing a recording. You feel close and connected to the story. You’ll be able to hear a character’s sadness, see their joy, and be enveloped in the energy.

The Variation

Shows travel, so there is frequently something new to enjoy. With so much variation you can find a performance that fits your taste. Are you looking for something classic or modern? How about romantic or funny? You can even find family-friendly options like a Christmas show.

The Creativity

Quality performances take creativity and inspire it. You should consider the creation of each element of the show to fully appreciate it. The storyline, dialogue, songs, compositions, costumes, sets, choreography, lighting, and more all had to be put together. Seeing it may be an inspiration for you as well. Live theater may be something you want to get involved in, or it may just get your creative juices flowing in other areas of your life.

The Economy

Theaters can be good for the economy. They directly employ a wide range of staff from custodians to bartenders and actresses to musicians. The events also bring business to nearby shops and restaurants. Patrons may come from near and far to dine, drink, and peruse local stores.

If you have been considering attending a live theater performance, take the plunge. It can be a night of class, fun, or family. Whatever you decide to see, there will be plenty to appreciate. Take in the sights, sounds, creativity, and emotions while supporting the local economy. You can be assured that the experience will be one to remember.

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