Top 10 Strategies to Improve Your Math Grades


Many of the students have a Math phobia. How can I get good grades in math exams? It is a common question among millions. Well, there is no secret formula for that. If you follow some simple strategies, then you have chances to improve your math grades.

Most of us think that only practice improves math grades. It is valid to some extent, but there are some other tips one can follow. It is not that the best teacher does everything for you. You can take measures to improve your math grades.

10 Strategies to Improve Math Grades

Parents often admonish their kids for poor math grades. But, only a few try to resolve the problem. There must be ways to get over this problem. Right? Let’s dive deep to find strategies to improve math grades.

1. Know your Calculator

First things first, know your calculator before you improve your math skills. There are some high-quality graphing calculators with high-end mathematical operations. You can do parametric, functions, graphs, statistics, and many more with one calculator.

A calculator saves your time and makes you more efficient in solving mathematical problems. You can find a touch screen and USB port calculators for more flexible uses. To know more about these high-end calculators, read the best reviews of calculators online.

2. Attend All Lectures

Do not miss your class lectures. Missing classes keep you out of the track. You get confused and pressure piles till the night before the exam. Also, attending every class helps you to know more about your peers. You can get to explore more about your strengths and weaknesses.

3. Do Your Homework

Many students take homework lightly. So, they skip it for no real reason. Besides, if you do your homework, it’s good practice. You can understand where you have confusion and ask questions to your teacher. So, it’s an excellent way to clear your concepts in math.

Don’t throw away the homework copies. This works as a good helpline before exams. Whenever you are facing confusion, you can turn a few pages of your homework and clear your concepts quickly. The same mechanism works for classwork papers too. Store them till you are done with exams. If you’re having trouble completing your homework, you might consider the option: pay someone to do my math homework for me. Afterward, you can go through the completed work to help you understand the concepts and solutions, and you could use the finished homework as a reference for future assignments.

4. Make a plan

Make a schedule for your math practice. These schedules can be monthly, weekly, or daily. Choose the best suitable time to practice some math problems. Remember, preparation is the key to success. Without any proper planning, getting good grades in this subject would be tough.

5. Solve Past Question papers

Solving past question papers can help you big time. You can understand the question pattern. Other than that, past paper solving boosts your confidence, and you cut through your math phobia.

You can also give a few mock exams with previous year question papers or math worksheets (you can get it here). That works great on your exam hall time management and makes you more adapted to face exam pressure.

6. Try to Apply Mathematical concepts in Real Life

Whatever you have learned, you can try to apply those lessons in real life. Real-life applications can help you to clear your concepts completely. Also, it is fun to play with your learning. Try to do simple calculations without using calculators. That just sharpens your math skills.

For instance, apply ratios in your cooking. Or, use slices of pizza or cake pieces to understand fractions more clearly. There are tons of occasions where you can apply mathematical concepts in a fun way.

7. Use the Electronic Media

This may sound new to many of you. But, it actually works great to learn math more efficiently. Use electronic media to learn the subject. You can choose Youtube videos, Facebook pages, or apps like for more in-depth learning.

Other than taking the help of electronic media, you can also try a few mock tests with instant exam scores. These can help you to prepare for your targeted exam. Also, it is great for time management before the exam.

8. Use a Few Reference Books

Reference books are great. They clarify your concepts. It is not that every time you find a magic book to solve every problem. Try some other books according to your topics. You can find a single book just on one single topic. This elaborates more and helps to clarify things on a broader level.

9. Find A Study Partner

Sometimes you don’t get the motivation to study more. So, a study partner can be one right solution in this. You can have discussions over your confusion. Also, a study partner gives you a sensation of competition to achieve a decent score.

What’s more? You can try some mock exams after finishing the topics. If you score more than your partner, it will surely boost your confidence. In case you stay behind your study partner, it will challenge you to go for an extra mile. So, it’s a win-win situation for both you and your partner.

10. Try Some Teaching

You can teach some of the math topics to your friend. This removes all confusion on that topic. Furthermore, it adds more confidence to your learning skills. Teaching others can also make you popular in your friend circle.

This can be another opportunity to grow some teaching skills. Indeed, that can be an added advantage for your future endeavors. Students who are good in mathematics often turn out to be great math teachers.

Some Tips for Math Exams

Even if you follow these strategies, math exams can surely create some pressure before the exam. So, how can I get over the line? Some easy and simple tips can help you before any math exams.

1. Get complete sleep before the exam. Incomplete sleep can mess all your efforts in no time.

2. Try some chocolates and sweets before your exam. Our brain works more effectively with glucose. So, give your brain some fuel before it faces the big challenge.

3. Do not try unnecessary chitchats with friends before the exam. This can be distracting and could lessen your concentration during the exam.

4. Take a water bottle in the exam hall. Getting thirsty is obvious due to significant pressure. Sip a bit of water, and try to stay calm as much as you can.

Getting a good grade in a math exam is never impossible. Follow the above-listed strategies and tips to make it possible. If you have the right attitude, then you can surely do it.

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